Ruairi O’Connor (Prince Harry) and Charlotte expect (Princess Catherine) in ‘The Spanish Princess’ illustration 5 (Photo Credit: Starz)

Prince Harry visits Princess Catherine and she guesses he’s there to tell her he’ll fight for her. In a roundabout means she speak Harry she believes she must marry Henry because he needs it. Bother confesses his love and that he dropped for she while lock exchanged letters. It’s she mind that admires so much, and he doesn’t want various other women. He believes love pipeline duty in the shadows. The yearns to be king so he deserve to be a far better man for her. Castle kiss…a long, slow, passionate kiss.

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He leaves however not before telling she he demands an answer.

Catherine dreams she’s went to by her mommy who demands she security herself against betrayal or rather the adversary will know where to strike. The vision concludes v Harry advertise a knife in she side.

Catherine rises and also finds Lina staring out a window. Lina informs Princess Catherine the Maggie Pole has been banished native court since she lied because that her. Princess Catherine needs they leave ideal away to visit Maggie.

Richard Pole receives a post from the King stating they need to send the all their men. He think it’s punishment because other nobles room able to keep some of their men. The guys must leave immediately, which method Richard needs to fix the damaged wheel on their dare himself.

Maggie’s oldest son operation up to provide the news Princess Catherine has actually arrived because that a visit. Richard requirements his mam remember her reason is at home with the children, not through the Spanish princess.

Princess Catherine, Lina, and Maggie meet and also Catherine defines she knows Maggie is suffering because of her. She desires to make amends, yet Maggie no think that’s possible. Maggie defines she’s happy away from court, and also that she understands they’re joined by the reality Lady Margaret hates them both.

Catherine asks Maggie around King Henry, wondering what kind of husband he’d be. Maggie replies she was close to Arthur yet not Henry or Harry. She thinks Harry is clever and also has a wide-ranging appetite. She also thinks he is not consistent in his interests. And, he no sired to be king.

Catherine calls that passionate, poetic, and like a knight of Camelot. “You clearly know your mind around him, therefore why ask me?” replies Maggie. “Catherine, if you great to be Queen climate take the King. Yet I think girlfriend rode right here not just to questioning forgiveness however to speak Prince Harry’s name aloud. I think girlfriend love Harry. Might god aid you if girlfriend do.”

Maggie joins she children and also Richard outside. She grudgingly confesses she admires Catherine and also thinks she’s brave.

On the ride back to court, Princess Catherine admits to Lina she can’t think that life without she by she side. However, she won’t cause Lina unhappiness by denying she a life v Oviedo. Lina has her blessing to marry Oviedo and also she’ll bestow upon her a dowry of three gold plates. Lina deserve to melt castle down and also use them to begin a life with the male she loves.

Lina return to uncover Rosa upset as she admits she going to save the baby. Princess Catherine interrupts your talk and also Lina notifies her Rosa’s through child. Catherine assignment Lina come prepare her bath. Lina does, but the bath is for Rosa. Catherine lightly cleans her ago as they talk. Catherine learns the dad is married, however Rosa’s still encouraged if she tells him he’ll help her.

An ambassador arrives with a letter indigenous Queen Isabella. The letter notifies Catherine she to marry King Henry and consider it s her lucky. Queen Isabella likewise reveals she’s been helping Catherine’s sister v her baby and it’s do her really tired.

Princess Catherine asks the ambassador to inform Prince take care of she wants to view him.

Catherine and also Harry meet and she confesses she listened to she heart and also wants come be through him.

Next, Princess Catherine meets v King Henry. Castle both received the letter from Queen Isabella offering her consent. Catherine asks if she’d make him as happy as Queen Elizabeth did, and also King Henry admits he still loves his wife. But he would attempt to it is in a an excellent husband come Catherine, if lock wed.

Catherine, however, has actually an debate prepared versus their marriage. If King Henry marries her, it won’t secure the relationship between England and Spain. Their children won’t inherit the throne; Prince Harry will certainly be king followed by his sons. The treaty with Spain would finish with King Henry’s passing, leave England vulnerable.

King Henry realizes Catherine wants to marry Harry, however Queen Elizabeth told the she’d had a vision the if take care of married Catherine, they i will not ~ have any sons. Catherine believes Queen Elizabeth said that so her husband wouldn’t be lonely. She reveals Queen Elizabeth told her she’d carry out anything to conserve her sons. “Give take care of the alliance. Store him safe…for her,” begs Catherine.

King Henry hold Catherine’s challenge in his hands and kisses her forehead. He leaves without replying.

Lina accompanies Rosa to view Lord Edward Stafford (Olly Rix). He appears uneasy to be seen v her in public and also is shocked to discover Rosa’s pregnant. As soon as she asks because that him to provide her a tiny amount the money to live on and also occasionally visit your child, he agrees that sounds like a an excellent idea.

With Lady Margaret and also Prince Harry at this side, King Henry formally educates Princess Catherine he is withdrawing his proposal. Instead, she’ll be betrothed to Prince bother ensuring the alliance between England and also Spain continues. He’s going to write to the Pope questioning for his dispensation. If he grants it, Catherine and Harry have the right to marry as quickly as Queen Isabella sends Catherine’s dowry.

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Richard Pole and also his children are working on the wagon as soon as Maggie takes many of the children inside because that meat pies. She hears however doesn’t witness the wagon falling on her husband. Racing back, she finds Richard trapped under the complete weight the the wagon. The children attempt to aid her lift the wagon and finally perform so through a jack. He is grievously injured and also blood flows from his mouth. Maggie tells him she loves him together he dies.