After a hurricane damages a coral reef, some sea anemones are damaged apart. Numerous pieces native one anemone regenerate lost body parts and grow into 3 complete anemones. What form of reproduction is this?

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Asexual Reproduction: the splitting and separation the a parent organism right into two people of approx. Equal size

Many aphid types switch in between sexual and asexual reproduction. I beg your pardon of the following is only used during sexual reproduction?

A. Mitosis

B. Meiosis

C. Parthenogenesis

D. Fission

Which the the following processes results in the offspring of sex-related reproduction gift genetically different from their parents?

A. Fertilization

B. Protein synthesis

C. Cytokinesis

D. Mitosis

Which that the following organisms reproduce by budding?

A. Lamprey

B. Bluefin tuna

C. Whiptail lizards

D. Stony corals

A female lizard is kept isolated in a zoo because that 5 years. Then, she lays four viable eggs that hatch to create offspring that space genetically similar to her. What kind of reproduction most most likely occurred?

What is one adaptation that evolved from the difficulty of recognize a mating partner? What does this mean?

Which statement offers the finest evidence the parthenogenic whiptail lizards advanced from sexually reproducing ancestors?

A. Part lizards interact in male-like behaviors prior to their partners ovulate

B. The breakthrough and climate regression of testes before sexual maturation

C. The observation that all offspring room haploid

D. The persistence of a vestigial penis among some of the females

In a varieties that alternates between sexual and asexual reproduction, as soon as is asexual reproduction most likely to occur? once is sexual reproduction most likely to occur?

asexual reproduction - when environmental conditions are favorable because that survival sex-related reproduction - as soon as environmental problems are stressed

When will asexual reproduction be an ext likely to an outcome in higher reproductive success than sexual reproduction?

Daphnia deserve to switch from a sample of asexual reproduction to sex-related reproduction. This adjust would be more likely to take place under i beg your pardon of the following conditions?

A. When environmental conditions become more favorable because that offspring

B. When temperatures adjust in methods that stresses the adults

C. Once food sources for offspring increase in abundance

D. As soon as adults can no longer produce eggs

Type of Fertilization: sperm is deposited in or near the mrs reproductive tract which fertilizes the eggs in the tract

(internal/external) fertilization is associated with instrument that provide greater defense of the embryos and also parental care for the young.

Animals the use exterior fertilization are most likely to reproduce in i beg your pardon of the adhering to areas?

A. Sand dune

B. Polar ice sheet

C. Shallow lake

D. Tallgrass prairie

Which the the following describes an advantage of interior fertilization over exterior fertilization?

A. Parents invest much less time and energy in reproduction

B. Offspring are much more likely to survive

C. Populations boost faster

D. Offspring are much more genetically diverse

While the environment-friendly anaconda have the right to swim to hunt for food, it mainly lives on dry land. Female gree anacondas usually offer birth to 20-40 young in a solitary litter. Which kind of fertilization is likely used by green anacondas and why?

Pheromones supplied in reproduction space not likely to be found in organisms that only reproduce _________

A. In water

B. Top top land

C. Using inner fertilization

D. Asexually

Egg-laying in fruit flies have the right to be motivated (induced) as soon as males carry their sperm come females. I beg your pardon of the complying with is a selective advantage of induced egg-laying for the male flies?

A. The males execute not have actually to create as much sperm

B. More egg have the right to be fertilized

C. A male"s paris sperm is much more likely to be provided for fertilization

D. Much less time and also energy is expended through the male

Which that the adhering to structure in females is analogous in duty to the vas deferens in males?

A. Urethra

B. Oviduct

C. Uterus

D. Vagina

Which of the complying with is the correct order of frameworks through which sperm pass during ejaculation?

A. Epididymis, vas deferens, ejaculatory duct, urethra

B. Urethra, epididymis, vas deferens, ejaculatory duct

C. Seminiferous tubules, vas deferens, epididymis, urethra

D. Epididymis, ejaculatory duct, urethra, vas deferens

Male Repro: the vas deferens joins through the ________ to type _______ which climate open into the ______

Male Repro Accessory Glands: has mucus, fructose, a coagulating enzyme, ascorbic acid, and also prostaglandins

Male Repro Accessory Glands: before ejaculation, secretes clean mucus that neutralizes any kind of acidic to pee in the urethra

Which the the complying with correctly bag the structure with the product?

A. Hypothalamus - FSH

B. Anterior pituitary - LH

C. Body luteum - inhibin

D. Sertoli cells - progesterone

Which that the following is a similarity in between spermatogenesis and also oogenesis?

A. Start at the onset of sexual maturity

B. Result in the manufacturing of 4 sensible haploid cell from one diploid cell

C. Lead to the manufacturing of gametes indigenous germ cells

D. Create diploid gametes via meiotic divisions

Which of the following is a similarity between a mature human sperm and also an ovum that has completed meiosis?

A. Have actually the same number of chromosomes

B. Are approximately the same size

C. Have actually a flagellum that offers motility

D. Are produced from puberty till death

The operation removal the the seminal vesicles would likely reason ________

A. Sterility since sperm would not it is in produced

B. Sterility due to the fact that sperm would certainly not be able to exit the body

C. The volume the semen to be reduced

D. The testes to migrate earlier into the abdominal muscle cavity

Which would most likely take place if the temperature that the human being scrotum was enhanced by 2 degrees Celsius for numerous weeks? The male would endure ________

A. Decreased fertility due to impaired manufacturing of gonadal steroid hormones

B. Lessened fertility due to impaired spermatogenesis

C. Boost in the price of spermatogenesis because of faster chemistry reactions

D. An increase in semen volume because of faster chemical reactions

For i m sorry of the following is the number the same in spermatogenesis and also oogenesis in animals?

A. The period at which a male or female begins to create mature gametes

B. The number of functional gametes created by one cabinet undergoing meiosis in spermatogenesis or oogenesis

C. The variety of meiotic departments required to produce each gamete

D. The variety of eggs and also sperm affiliated in producing one embryo

Which statement about human reproduction is correct?

A. Spermatogonia and also oogonia are haploid cells

B. In humans, spermatogenesis and oogenesis both role best in ~ normal, main point body temperatures

C. A human oocyte only completes meiosis II ~ fertilization

D. The earliest stages of spermatogenesis occur closest to the lumen the the seminiferous tubules

The Ovarian Cycle: what 2 hormones stimulate follicle growth? What perform the cells of the follicle start to do (hormone)?

The Ovarian bicycle - Follicular Phase: what wake up to the follicle and ovary in solution to the FSH and also the top in LH?

The Ovarian bike - Luteal Phase: ~ ovulation, what walk LH wake up the remaining follicle tissue to form?

How walk the corpus luteum exert an adverse feedback ~ above the hypothalamus and pituitary? What does this negative feedback do as a result?

by secreting progesterone and estradiolgreatly to reduce LH and FSH, staying clear of the mature of an additional egg

What framework is created by the follicular cell that remain behind in the ovary adhering to ovulation in humans?

Which the the following alters is most most likely to happen as one immediate an outcome of one injection the LH right into a male mammal?

A. A diminish in the production of inhibin

B. An increase in manufacturing of GnRH

C. A decrease in the production of testosterone

D. Boost in production of testosterone

The Uterine Cycle: the follicular step of the ovarian cycle is combination to the ________ the the uterine cycle

The Uterine Cycle: together the corpus luteum secretes estradiol and progesterone, what go this perform for the uterine lining?

stimulate further advancement and maintain of the uterine lining, incl. The expansion of endometrial glands

The Uterine Cycle: the luteal phase of the ovarian bike is coordinated with the _______ of the uterine cycle

The Uterine Cycle: what happens as soon as the body luteum disintegrates which causes the quick drop in ovarian hormones?

when the uterus reabsorbs the endometrium in the lack of pregnancy and no considerable fluid flow occurs

The main difference in between estrous and also menstrual cycles is the _________

A. In the absence of pregnancy, the endometrium is reabsorbed in estrous and shed in expression cycles

B. Behavior changes during estrous cycles are lot less apparent than those of menstrual cycles

C. Season and also climate have less pronounced results on estrous cycles than they execute on term cycles

D. Copulation typically occurs transparent the estrous cycle, conversely, menstrual cycles copulation only occurs throughout the duration surrounding ovulation


When execute mammals v estrous cycles copulate?

during the period surrounding ovulation

Which choice correctly perform the 3 phases that the human being ovarian cycle?

A. Follicular phase -- luteal step -- secretory phase

B. Menstruation -- proliferative phase -- secretory phase

C. Follicular phase -- ovulation -- luteal phase

D. Proliferative phase -- luteal phase -- ovulation


Which choice correctly perform the three phases of the human uterine cycle?

A. Follicular -- luteal -- secretory

B. Expression -- proliferative -- secretory

C. Follicular -- ovulation -- luteal

D. Proliferative -- luteal -- ovulation


Which that the complying with is most influenced by the SRY gene?

A. Gender identity

B. Sexual response

C. Sexual orientation

D. Gonad development


LH reasons Leydig cell to produce ________


What hormone is exit from the Sertoli cells and inhibits the release of FSH?


What is the primary duty of the body luteum?

to preserve progesterone and also estradiol synthesis after ovulation has actually occurred

What wake up to the ovaries throughout menopause?

lose responsiveness come FSH and LH, causing a decrease in estradiol production

Which the the following ideal describes a adjust to the female reproductive mechanism that occurs in menopause?

A. The ovaries lose their responsiveness come FSH and LH

B. The manufacturing of gonadotropin hormones by the anterior pituitary gland declines

C. The endometrium is reduced and eventually lost

D. No an ext primary oocytes exist in the ovaries


Which the the following hormones would you inject if you desire to induce ovulation in a mrs orangutan right away?

A. Estradiol

B. Progesterone




Which the the adhering to hormone would you inject in the woman orangutan a couple of days before the masculine visit if you want to induce ovulation once he arrives?

A. Estradiol

B. Progesterone




Which of the adhering to is most likely to occur as an immediate result of an injection that estradiol in a woman mammal?

A. Follicles will decrease in size

B. Ovulation will certainly occur

C. Endometrium will decrease in thickness

D. LH manufacturing will increase


Labor contractions have the right to be increased by the medical use the a synthetic drug that mimics the activity of ________


The visibility of which of the adhering to molecules in the urine suggests that a mrs is pregnant?

A. Progesterone

B. Estrogen


D. Human being chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)


Which the the following are contraceptive techniques that are thought about permanent and also that block the gametes from moving to a website where fertilization can occur?

A. The male and female condom

B. The masculine condom and oral contraceptive

C. Vasectomy and tubal ligation

D. Diaphragm and subcutaneous progesterone implant


What is the outcome of a vasectomy?

prevention that sperm from entering the masculine urethra

Once uterine contractions have started in labor, the female body releases numerous hormones that act in a confident feedback loop. This feedback loop _______

A. Disclosure the advancement of a new follicle

B. Ensures ongoing contractions till labor is complete

C. Inhibits the release of prostaglandins

D. Decreases the number of oxytocin receptor in the uterus


Once labor begins, what neighborhood regulators and hormones induce and also further contractions (involved in the hopeful feedback loop)?

prostaglandins, estradiol, and oxytocin

A pregnant mrs comes into the hospital previous her due date. The doctor decides that is time because that the infant to it is in delivered. I beg your pardon hormone can the physician use to induce labor?

A. Progesterone



D. Oxytocin


When does an ectopic pregnancy occur?

when a fertilized egg implants somewhere other than in the lining of the uterus (usually in the oviduct)

Which the the following finest explains why an ectopic pregnancy would certainly not be successful?

A. The orientation the the baby would certainly be sideways

B. HCG can not be developed in the oviduct

C. The framework of the oviduct is unable to assistance the occurring fetus

D. The important hormone cannot with the emerging fetus in the oviduct


What substantially increases the danger of an ectopic pregnancy?

untreated chlamydia or gonorrhea

Which of the adhering to can happen after intercourse in between a female who has actually undergone tubal ligation and a male through a usually functioning reproductive tract?

A. Sperm have the right to reach the oviduct

B. Sperm have the right to fertilize one oocyte

C. An embryo can implant in the uterus

D. An oocyte can go into the uterus





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