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\"All Summer In A Day\" is a brief story collection in a institution on Venus some time in the future. It always rains on Venus, and most of the children who live there have never viewed the sun. However, the sunlight does make an appearance for two hours every seven...

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\"All Summer In A Day\" is a brief story set in a college on Venus some time in the future. It always rains top top Venus, and most of the children who live there have actually never seen the sun. However, the sunlight does make an appearance because that two hours every seven years. The story is collection around among these appearances. One girl, Margot, has seen the sun before, since she is a more recent come to Venus 보다 the other children. Margot is a sad, lonely girl, in component because she misses the sun and also isn\"t offered to the torrential, consistent rain. She, of every the children, is particularly looking forward to the sun\"s appearance, however the other youngsters bully Margot and also lock her in a cabinet so the she misses it. In ~ the finish of the story, having actually experienced the sunshine, they far better understand why Margot is therefore sad all the time, and they all feeling guilty for what they gave done.

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The main themes in this story are possibly tolerance and also empathy. The youngsters who bully Margot don\"t recognize why she is for this reason sad, and, because her woe isolates her and also makes her different from them, they construct a type of crowd mentality and persecute her due to the fact that of she difference. Indeed, Bradbury writes, \"she was different and they knew her difference and kept away.\"

The other youngsters are likewise jealous of Margot, that they have heard might be shortly returning come Earth, and so lock \"hate her waiting silence . . . And also her feasible future.\"

As Margot is locked in the cabinet the other kids run around joyously in the sun, \"turning their deals with up come the sky and also feeling the sun on their cheeks,\" and \"suspended . . . In a blessed sea of no sound and also no motion.\" They space ecstatic, till the rain begins to fall, and also then, already absent the sun which they will certainly not view for another seven years, they end up being sad, and also their woe is choose Margot\"s sadness. All of sudden they understand Margot, and can empathize with her. They walk to let her out of the cupboard, wracked v guilt, their \"faces ... Solemn and pale.\"

The guilt feel by the other children seems to signal a clean moral, namely that we have to not judge or persecute those that us don\"t understand, but rather make an ext of an effort to at the very least tolerate and also empathize with them.