(An: this doesn't go over everything on the list. Just a couple of of the very first 50. I might do a part 2 that this later on and more than likely a part 3 offered how long this perform is. Dr. Bright is seriously on mentaly stormy man.)

The display flickered come life and the native \"Things Dr. Glowing is not allowed to do\" showed up on screen.

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      \"Dr. Bright is not allowed to feeding anything v peanut butter to Kain.\" The voice the the theatre narrates what's said on screen.

      Everyone that doesn't already know about this turns and also looks to Cain because that an explanation.

      \"I believe the Kain they room referring come is a researcher. Dr. Kain has the very same name together me however spelled with a K, for the reason many tend to speak to him Dr. Crow to protect against confusion.\" Cain explains. \"Also Dr. Crow is a dog.\"

     \"Telling new researchers you have the right to tame SCP-682 through a rolling up newspaper and also a tummy obstacle is appropriate out.\"

     035 laugh a little bit at that. \"Now that's miscellaneous I'd pay to see.\"

      Dr. Clef snickered a little when the remembers an assistant researcher who believed this. She paid the can be fried price the trusting Dr. Bright.

      \"No longer enabled to an obstacle Able come unwinnable gamings like tic tac toe. It was 3 weeks before Able conceded a draw.\"

     Able grumbles a little at the memory of that damned game. \"One day I will win.\"

    \"SCP-018 is not to be taunted.\"

    \"Ah correctly! The at sight ball! It's fun to taunt.\" Dr. Glowing says.

    Abby gets excited in ~ the sounding of a at sight ball. \"A sphere that is super?! can I play through it!\"

    The researchers glanced in between each various other for a moment. The supervisor ball might sound harmless at first but is actually exceptionally dangerous. Climate again the Young Girl is immortal and usually when she asks for a new toy the structure is ok with it and she has played with anomalous toys before. In the finish they chose it's probably best that she doesn't play through the at sight ball, she may be immortal yet she can still feel pain. Though probably they could do a overcome test v the 2 anomalies.

      \"No. But maybe us can obtain you something choose it yet less dangerous. \" Dr. Civil liberties answers.

      Abby thinks around it because that a moment prior to smiling in ~ the offer. \"Ok!\"

      \"Giving SCP-113 to Diogenes is just plain pointless.\"

      Dr. Rights provided Dr. Bright a questioning look.

      \"It was for science.\" Dr. Shining responds.

      \"Attempting to disprove SCP-343, come SCP-343 is a terrible idea. Agents are still researching the result paperweight supposedly so heavy that 343 must not be able to lift it.\"

      \"What is 343?\" Epon asked.

      \"He cases to be God.\" Dr. Clef answers.

      Epon's eyes thrived wide. 'They can't contain God! That's impossible!' She inside screamed.

      'Why would God let self be contained?' Able thought to himself.

      Cain felt a chill run up his mechanical spin. He'd viewed 343's files and also though his power implies that that is god there were things in his records that suggested he's something else.

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     'False god.' These were the indigenous that showed up in the mental of Dr. Clef, 049, and Lilith.

      \"I'm an ext interested in this paperweight.\" 035 comments.