In Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), how did Tony Stark achieve Thor’s Magic belt (Megingjord)? that is pointed out by Happy Hogan as soon as he"s reading out the perform of points loaded on to the aircraft they room using to move to new Avengers Facility.

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The belt is officially well-known as Megingjörð , or an ext commonly described as the power belt.


In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Happy Hogan dram a far-ranging part together the liaison between Tony and also Peter. Throughout one the their numerous conversations, he mentions among the items that is being sent to the brand-new Avengers HQ, i m sorry is referenced together Thor"s Magic Belt.

It"s a one-off cite meant because that longtime comic fans, together the belt hasn"t been generally used in current years. The belt is officially recognized as Megingjörð, or much more commonly described as the power belt. It originally debuted in journey Into mystery #91 in April 1963 and multiplies Thor"s currently impressive strength.

While that isn"t shown in the film, it"s quiet a pretty easter egg for fans

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It"s no shown/explained in the movie, it"s simply an easter egg for the fans.

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