versus my window glass Is slowly, is gradually drivin" me insane, boy I"m goin" under I"m goin" down reason you ain"t about baby My whole world"s upside under Sleep don"t come easy Boy please think me

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since you to be gone Everything"s goin" wrong Why"d you have to say goodbye look at what you"ve done to me ns can"t prevent these tears native fallin" indigenous my eyes Ooh baby Oooh infant love
goin" down, goin" under Mmm ooh I"m goin" down Ooh I, I... Ooh, goin" under Goin" under Oh, ns don"t know what to perform If I ever before lose you I"ll be goin" under I stated I"ll it is in goin" under Oh, please forgive me baby
I"m so sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry What did I carry out wrong? ns said, what did I execute wrong? please forgive me baby and also come on residence Goin" down, goin" down, goin" down


The saddest part is I"ve actually felt this way for the first time about a man. I will defend my love at all cost to stop this indigenous happening ever.

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I wanna see her execute " man