Do you know if there is a dbr to adjust the achieved hero (level, gold, stats, beginning point...) Or maybe a quest record ?Or lock hardcoded the ?
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If you uncover a means to change completed hero properties, it would certainly be good to put him straight on Helos starting point in legendary mode.Acts ns to IV + Ragnarok + Atlantis take it sooooo long now come play the i think they room a serious impediment for numerous players come redo all the adventure in the 3 difficulties.Normal and also epic challenges are rather boring if you have actually decent gear and people don't have comprehensive game time. Fun comes mostly in legendary mode. Ns bet that a an easy mod through an completed hero in legendary challenge would have some success on steam.
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I don't know if that is possible, yet I think the if it wasn't hardcoded, it could be amendment in a quest (or quest reward) file, maybe.

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And that could be the unpopular opinion : i don't think the accomplished Hero attribute should be changed. I currently find the it saves a the majority of time; arguably the many boring phases of the game. However, beginning straight off to Legendary appears overtuned to me. There's two kind of world here : human being who have little time come spare because that games and also those veterans that the game who space too great to execute anything else but end-game. Endgame, through definition, must be in ~ the end; you should work for it. Every video game should be long and offer a the majority of content; acquiring straight come the end part basically shortens the game and reduces that replayability.
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