Suitable native 4 month of age, the Tommee Tippee first Cup is good for taking out and also about, there is no the threat of pour out or leaks.

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The Tommee Tippee very first Cup is just one of Britain’s bestsellers, and also it’s basic to see why it’s together a favourite v mums everywhere. Its for sure lid method it won’t leak in her bag, the free-flow spout is recommended by wellness visitors, it come in a variety of bright colours and also it’s cheap sufficient to purchase to number of to have actually on the go.

The Tommee Tippee an initial Cup is a great compromise. It’s no as messy together an open cup, yet the free-flowing spout, which attributes two tiny holes, isn’t totally non-spill. Typical non-spill sippy cups have actually been associated with this decay. Girlfriend can likewise fit it through a Sipper Lid (sold separately), together an intermediate stage prior to progressing onto making use of it as an open cup.

What we loved

The Tommee Tippee an initial Cup has a nice straightforward design, with a for sure removable lid and small flip-up spout that folds flat. This means you deserve to pop it into your changing bag without fear of spills, for this reason it’s ideal for once you’re out and also about. That dishwasher familiar and suitable for all kinds the sterilisation.

The cup has actually two handles that are very easy for small hands come grab. Infant feeding specialists Tommee Tippee really have actually thought of whatever – that calibrated in mls top top the next so you have the right to tell exactly how much liquid you’ve poured in, and also even has actually a juice line. This way you have the right to dilute your small one’s drink in the 1:10 proportions recommended for healthy and balanced teeth.

The Tommee Tippee first Cup is my 1-year-old’s key cup, he supplies it every day and he loves it (in fact, he’s always grabbing other babies cups whenever he spots lock on his travels). He’s been drinking confidently from it because that months (you have the right to use it from age 4 months).

What come watch out for

The lid has a good tight fit, however it can additionally be a little stiff to remove. If the cup is fairly full, as soon as you popular music the lid on you have the right to occasionally gain liquid spurted right into your eye if the spout no down!

Some mums additionally report detect the Tommee Tippee first Cup a small on the huge side for tiny babies, and also quite hefty when full. Yet these space minor quibbles. As a very first cup, it really is hard to fault. Unless, of course, you choose a fully non-spill cup.

Who is the Tommee Tippee first Cup best for?

Mums after ~ a free-flow an initial cup that’s great for travel and also easy to hold.

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londonchinatown.org verdict

The Tommee Tippee first Cup truly is one of those classic products you buy then wonder how you lived without it. No wonder it’s clocked up so many awards. It has a pleasingly simple design, is easy for her baby come drink from, and a doddle to save clean. The just minor irritant is the tight-fitting lid, however that also stops it leaking.

Product Specifications

Brand Tommee Tippee
Model First Cup
Price £1.46
Available sizes One size only
an ideal for
Child age (approx) From 4 months
Spout style Hard spout
Non-spill mechanism Lid and flip-up spout, no valve
Number of handles 2
Dishwasher safe Yes
Microwave safe No
Features Two handlesFlip-up spoutJuice lineCalibration in mls
Optional extras Sipper Lid (£1.99 because that two)