Dental specialists recommend some sort of interdental cleaning as soon as a day. You have to do this as well as your brushing routine.

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The American dentist Association considers it to be an important part of her cleaning regime.

Flossing is one type of interdental cleaning method – one method of cleaning between your teeth.

Other alternatives include utilizing a water flosser or interdental brushes — find out exactly how the various methods compare here.

But because that the benefits of this article, the hatchet flossing advert to any one of these types of interdental cleaning, not just string floss.

Sometimes when you floss, it create a bad smell.

You could be reasoning “why does mine floss smell after using it?”.

Or maybe you think that your breath smells after ~ flossing. Well, review on to uncover out the possible causes and also what you deserve to do about it.

The reasons floss deserve to smell poor after flossing

In the section below I synopsis some that the factors your floss have the right to smell negative when you’ve finished making use of it.

Remember to seek the advice that a dental expert if something repeatedly troubles you.

Old Plaque and Food Stuck between The Teeth

The most common reason because that floss to odor after usage is the you have days old plaque and food top top it.

Trapped plaque and food starts come smell as result of the bacteria present.

Floss pulls plaque turn off the teeth. It also dislodges any kind of food debris from between the teeth. This release the smell.

Floss and also brush regularly and also this difficulty will walk away.

You are Experiencing advanced Gum Disease

Advanced gum disease, periodontitis, is resulted in by bacteria.

These anaerobic bacteria are complicated to remove due to the fact that they sit fine underneath the gums.

Studies link these bacteria to negative breath because they develop volatile sulphur compounds (VSCs). This VSCs room responsible because that halitosis, or bad breath.

Flossing locations where over there is periodontitis will release the VSCs causing a negative smell ~ above the floss.

A good oral hygiene program will aid manage gum disease. Yet you should additionally see a dental professional for treatment including a scale and polish.


You have actually Acute Necrotising Gingivitis

Acute Necrotising Gingivitis, sometimes referred to together AUG or ANUG, is a major infection of the gums.

A study in The newspaper of The Canadian dentist Association (JCDA) links the epidemic to details bacteria, i beg your pardon is various to plaque induced gingivitis.

If you have actually this epidemic your gums will be an extremely sore, with numerous ulcers, and with negative breath too.

You will notice that the floss will certainly smell once you usage it. You have to visit the dentist if girlfriend think you have this problem as girlfriend will need some treatment.

There Is Dental decay In her Mouth

Source: Wiki Commons

The American dentist Association (ADA) points to dental degeneration as a resource of poor breath.

Dental degeneration leads to feet in your teeth. These holes are a perfect hiding location for the bacteria which release VSCs, causing poor breath.

When friend floss you will release these VSCs, leaving a poor smell on her floss.

These feet will also store rotting food, which will certainly smell on her floss together you eliminate it.

Treating the dental degeneration with fillings will remove the source of the bacteria and also food. This have to stop your floss smelling once you use it.

You have A loosened Filling

Loose fillings administer hiding places for bacteria and food. This is the same procedure as for dental decay.

The smell from these will rub turn off on her floss when you use it. The odour is likely to impact only one tooth.

If you have a loose filling you might also an alert that her gums bleed when flossing, or the you get floss grounding in that area.

See a dental expert who have the right to replace any loose fillings, and the difficulty should walk away.

What procedures to take


Good dental hygiene is the an essential to protecting against floss from smelling as soon as you usage it.

Regular and also effective removed of plaque and food debris will protect against them continuing to be long sufficient to reason a smell.

If her floss smells ~ flossing take these actions to save the gaps between your teeth clean:

With great cleaning, the trouble should deal with within one to two weeks.

But if it continues you must see a dentist professional.

A dental professional can tell you if over there is dental degeneration or a loosened filling present. Castle can administer treatments for these.

Seeing a dental experienced can also assist you manage advanced gum disease.

Does it typical you have negative breath if her floss smells?

Not always.

It is possible to have actually a negative smell on her floss without suffering from halitosis (bad breath).

It is also feasible to have actually halitosis and also not notice until you begin flossing.

A negative smell ~ above floss no equal bad breath

Even if her floss smells after flossing, you perform not absolutely have poor breath (halitosis).

Floss irritates pockets of negative smell and removes rotting food. These might be in very small areas of the mouth.

If only a couple of gaps in between your teeth have actually disease, that is unlikely that your breath will certainly smell.

Halitosis is a much longer term problem that you have the right to talk to your dental professional about.

But bad smelling floss have the right to be one indicator of poor breath

Slot et al allude to the truth that bad breath is resulted in by a problem in her mouth in over 75% the cases.

The most common reasons of bad breath space gum disease and dentist decay.

If you have recently began to floss as you pay more attention to her mouth. A solid smell on your floss might be the first sign you an alert of poor breath.

This is feasible because girlfriend have come to be immune to the smell of your own breath. This is normal.

Ask a person you to trust if castle think you have negative breath.

The Bottom Line

The take home message is that negative smelling floss occurs since of bacteria causing decay or gum disease.

Bad smelling floss can tell you there is a difficulty in only one area. Or it might alert you the you have halitosis.

But the truth that one area smells once you usage floss go not constantly mean that you have bad breath.

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Manage poor smelling floss through cleaning in between the teeth and seeking advice native a dental skilled if you room concerned.