Development Goal

To integrate physical and also verbal an abilities to boost awareness, find out everyone’s names.

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Before you Start

Have the group acquire into a circle and also have one or an ext balls (appropriate size for throwing and also catching) ready.Go about the circle permitting everyone come say their name so the the others have the right to hear.

Set Up

Designate a an are for the group and one or more balls the can conveniently be thrown/caughtbean bags, tennis balls, dodgeball or other.

How to Play

The leader starts by throwing, roll or bouncing a round (depending ~ above the age and skill level) to an additional player while saying the various other person’s name loudly. Define that it is very important to remember that you have passed the sphere to.Keep happen the ball about the circle so that everyone has actually received the sphere one time. You deserve to have players sit under or cross their arms when they have received the ball, so make certain nobody gets it twice.When the last person gets the ball have them pass it ago to the leader.Now there is no the ball and in the same order, have actually each player say outloud that they will certainly pass the round to so that the sample of the ball’s movement is established.Once anyone remembers who to happen to, shot again through the ball and also see how rapid they have the right to go.After do the efforts a pair times, ask the group:Who has an idea for how to gain the ball to everyone more quickly?What carry out you think around adding a second ball?Shall us time ourselves and also then try to beat ours time?Allow the group to shot again with their new ideas. Debrief the video game by asking:What perform you think this video game teaches? Is the fun?Can you think of noþeles that would certainly make this game better?


To make the game more challenging, add an ext balls and balls of different sizes.For lower-skilled players shot Catch and also Throw style (PK-2)Have the players form a circle approximately the leader.The leader deserve to then pass the round to each player in the circle.When the player records the ball everyone in the class yells out their name.Go approximately in a circle until everyone has actually a turn, climate randomly pass the ball and also see how rapid they have the right to go.


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