An off-stream reservoir is a reservoir the is not situated on a streambed, and also is offered by a pipeline, aqueduct or an nearby stream. San Luis Reservoir is the largest off-stream reservoir in the joined States. Although the is situated on a small stream, it gets the vast majority of the water native the California Aqueduct by pumping aqueduct water up-hill to the reservoir.

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present (computing)

In computer system science, a stream is a succession of data elements made accessible over time. A stream have the right to be believed of together items on a conveyor belt being processed one in ~ a time fairly than in large batches

Streams room processed in different ways from batch data – normal functions cannot operate on streams as a whole, together they have actually potentially limitless data, and also formally, streams room codata (potentially unlimited), not data (which is finite). Functions that operate on a stream, producing an additional stream, space together filters, and can be linked in pipelines, analogously to duty composition. Filters might operate top top one article of a stream in ~ a time, or might base an item of calculation on multiple items of input, such together a relocating average.


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A stream is a human body of moving water.

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Caught is a technique of dismissing a batsman in the sports of cricket. Being caught out is the most common an approach of dismissal at greater levels that competition. This method of dismissal is spanned by legislation 32 that the legislations of cricket i m sorry reads:

A batsman is out recorded if a fielder catches the ball completely within the ar of play without it bouncing as soon as the ball has touched the striker"s bat or gloves holding the bat. If a batsman might be given out recorded or by any type of other technique except bowled, "caught" takes precedence.

This way that the batsman cannot be out captured if:

The ball, having been hit, makes call with the field before a fielder catches the ball. The round does not continue to be under the control of the fielder. A fielder taking the capture makes call with the boundary rope or the area exterior the boundary.
The lacking (novel series)

The missing is a collection of fictitious young-adult novels created by Margaret Peterson Haddix. It tells the story that famous youngsters from history stolen by futuristic time travelers native their ar in time and also accidentally sent to the 21st century together babies. They are then adopted by households in the 21st century. Since Jonah is just one of the steal children, he, along with his non-adopted sister Katherine, must help return the absent kids to their rightful locations in history and resolve time before it is destroyed. The very first book in the series, Found, was published on April 22, 2008. The collection continued with publication titles Sent, Sabotaged, Torn, Caught, Risked (originally intended to be title Kept), and also Revealed. The eighth and final book, Redeemed, was released ~ above September 8, 2015. There are likewise two ebook quick stories, search (which takes place before Risked) and also Rescued (which bring away place in between Risked and Revealed).Haddix originally intended the collection to consist of of just seven books, however, she stated that she had actually trouble closing out the collection in 7 books; causing her decision to write Redeemed.

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rotate (Travis song)

"Turn" is the fourth single from Indie tape Travis" second studio album, The guy Who. The single peaked at the number eight place on the UK Singles Chart.

Music video

Two music videos were shot because that the single. The first video, contained on the group"s Singles DVD, attributes Healy involved in a push-up contest. This video clip was filmed in Hackney top top a dis-used council estate. The estate has because been demolished. The 2nd featured a staged power by the band.


The British release of the single was add by a cover of Britney Spears"s hit single "...Baby One more Time". Spears it s her heard the Travis version while shopping, and commented by speak it to be "a full shock" and was "a very an excellent cover".

Track listing

UK CD1 "Turn" - 3:21 "River" - 4:20 "Days Of ours Lives" - 5:45 "Turn" (Video) UK CD2 "Turn" - 3:21 "We room Monkeys" - 3:07 7" Vinyl / europe Single "Turn" - 3:21
turn (geometry)

A turn is a unit of plane angle measurement equal to 2π radians, 360° or 400 gon. A turn is likewise referred to as a revolution or complete rotation or full circle or cycle or rev or rot.

A turn have the right to be subdivided in plenty of different ways: into half turns, quarter turns, centiturns, milliturns, binary angles, clues etc.

Subdivision that turns

A turn deserve to be divided in 100 centiturns or 1000 milliturns, through each milliturn matching to an edge of 0.36°, which can additionally be composed as 21′ 36″. A protractor divided in centiturns is normally called a portion protractor.

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Binary fractions of a turn are also used. Sailors have actually traditionally separated a turn right into 32 compass points. The binary degree, likewise together the binary radian (or brad), is 1⁄256 turn. The binary level is used in computing so the an angle can be stood for to the maximum possible precision in a solitary byte. Other measures of angle offered in computing may be based upon dividing one totality turn into 2n equal components for various other values of n.