Sleep is a an easy human need, and also to talk about rest and sleep in, you’ll require to learn the dormir conjugation!

Dormir is a verb that means “to sleep.” the less-common translations are “to rest,” “to slumber,” and also “to repose.”

Dormir shortcut is irregular. The is a stem-changing verb, in i beg your pardon the –o- in the stem often transforms to either –u- or –ue-.

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Some commonly used phrases v dormir include ir a dormir (“to go to bed”),

hora de dormir (“bedtime”), and dormir bien (“sleep well”).

Today, we’ll learn dormir shortcut in many forms, encompassing 3 moods:

indicative atmosphere (present, past, conditional, and future)the subjunctive mood (present and past)and the command mood.

Let’s learn exactly how this sleepy verb works!

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The Ultimate guide to Dormir Conjugation

Since this is a finish guide to dormir conjugation, you may not be familiar with all the tenses and forms shown. Shot out her newfound dormir conjugation skills using some exercise exercises later in this blog post!


Dormir Conjugation: Verbals

For this dormir conjugations, there are two creates of dormir the you have to learn.

link of haber + past participle the dormirConjugation of estar + gerund kind of dormir

The infinitive form of the verb is dormir.The previous participle the dormir is dormido.

The gerund kind of dormir is durmiendo.

These link tenses involve using the helping dormirbs haber and estar. The conjugation alters in this tenses take place in the helping verb, when the form of dormir continues to be the same.

Let’s watch them in action.

Me gusta dormir en mi propia cama después de un viaje.I favor to sleep in my own bed after ~ a trip.

Margarita está durmiendo de momento.Margaret is sleeping at the moment.

El perro está durmiendo debajo de la mesa.The dog is sleeping under the table.

Dormir Conjugation: Indicative Mood

Dormir is a usual verb, and also the indicative the atmosphere is the one most frequently used in

In the existing tense, dormir has actually a stem readjust (from o to ue) in all yet the nosotros form.

Present simple

Él, ella, ustedduerme
Ellos, ellas, ustedesduermen

¿Duermes bien? Do girlfriend sleep well?

Yo duermo ocho horas casi todas ras noches.I sleep for eight hours practically every night.

En nuestra casa, usualmente dormimos a ras 9 de la noche.At our house, we typically go come sleep in ~ 9 p.m.

Past Simple

In the preterite, dormir conjugation has stem change (from o come u) in the third-person singular and third-person many forms. Every the other develops conjugate regularly.

Él, ella, usteddurmió
Ellos, ellas, ustedesdurmieron

La señora durmió.The mrs slept.

Victoria y María durmieron en el hostal.VIctoria and also María slept in ~ the hostel.

¿Cómo dormiste?How did friend sleep?

Past Imperfect

Note that there is not a stem change in the imperfect or future forms. Dormir shortcut is continuous in these tenses.

Él, ella, usteddormía
Ellos, ellas, ustedesdormían

Mi tío dormía y roncaba después del almuerzo.My uncle supplied to sleep and snore after ~ lunch.

¿Dormían ustedes en clase?Did girlfriend all used to sleep in class?

Dormíamos en hamacas cuando vivíamos en la isla.We offered to sleep in hammocks once we lived on the island.

Future Simple

Él, ella, usteddormirá
Ellos, ellas, ustedesdormirán

¿Dormirán ellos en la carpa?Will lock sleep in the tent?

Dormiremos en la cabina.We will certainly sleep in the cabin.

Dormiré profundamente después de la carrera.I will sleep deep after the race.


Él, ella, usteddormiría
Ellos, ellas, ustedesdormirían

Yo dormiría en esta habitación si pudiera.I would sleep in this room if ns could.

Ellas dormirían hasta el mediodía después de ver películas toda la noche.They would certainly sleep until noon ~ watching movies all night.

Dormir Conjugation: good-bye Mood

We use the good-bye mood to talk around hypotheses, hopes, wishes, or uncertainty.

Present Subjunctive

Él, ella, ustedduerma
Ellos, ellas, ustedesduerman

Nos quedaremos hasta que se duerma el bebé.We will stay until the infant goes come sleep.

Calmemos a los niños para que se duerman.Let’s calm under the youngsters so they go to sleep.

Mi amiga quiere que nosotros durmamos en la playa.My friend wants united state to sleep ~ above the beach.

Past Subjunctive

Él, ella, usteddurmiera
Ellos, ellas, ustedesdurmieran

Más valdría que Laura durmiera un poco.It would be much better for Laura come sleep a while.

Les había propuesto que durmieran en la habitación más grande.I had proposed come them the they sleep in the larger room.

Two other subjunctive tense exist: future and past perfect. The future goodbye is seldom used, and also the previous subjunctive it s too dirty in the table over is the an ext common of the two.

Dormir Conjugation: command Mood

We usage the imperative mood to offer orders or commands.

DuermeNo duermas
UstedDuermaNo duerma
NosotrosDurmamosNo durmamos
Ellos, Ellas, UstedesDuermanNo duerman

Now, the time to practice what we’ve covered!

Dormir shortcut Exercises

To test through your newfound knowledge of dormir conjugation, practice using the adhering to exercises! you can inspect your work-related with the answer an essential below.

Exercise 1

Identify the tense and pronoun of each dormir conjugation.

1. Durmió

2. Dormirán

3. Duermes

4. Dormirían

5. Duerma

Exercise 2

Conjugate dormir in the tense given.

1. Usted – present

2. Ellas – previous imperfect

3. Tú – conditional

4. Nosotros – future

5. Yo – past straightforward (preterite)

Exercise 3

Fill in the blank with the correct kind of dormir.

1. Nosotros _____________ a ras 8:30. (present simple)

2. Ella ya ha _____________ por tres horas. (past participle)

3. Quiero que nosotros _____________ temprano. (present subjunctive)

4. Tú _____________ en la habitación de lujo. (future)

5. Él solo _____________ durante el día y estaba despierto todas las noches. (imperfect)

Exercise 4

Translate the following sentences to English.

1. ¿Dormiste en el sofá anoche?

2. Mañana dormiré en la selva.

3. Nosotros estábamos durmiendo cuando empezó la tormenta.

4. No puedo dormir porque hay demasiado ruido.

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5. ¿Has dormido en el nuevo colchón?

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