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Wooo... CK1 this is not... I have an worry where together Ireland, ns had dominated Scotland. I had like 3 livings sons and one of castle inherited the throne the Scotland when my King died. This separation my Ireland empire in 2 (which yes, really upset me due to the fact that the video game never warned me of any succession issue.) Then around 4 year after my new King that Ireland I get a vassal inheritance warning top top 4 vital vassal holdings that will leave my kingdom. Ns am not able to obtain to high crown authority on this King. So just how do i fix this issue? how do I save this floor in mine kingdom without beginning a civil war? help and suggestions space appreciated, thanks.

Thank you for responding Kingslanding, where perform I inspect those laws? have the right to you it is in a bit much more specific? *I"m sorry, I"m brand-new to CK2, still finding out the game* (I know where the regulations of the land are, but what"s the distinction of the regulations for inheritance?)

Did study on the inheriter"s. 2 of the lands go to the King of Scotland, who is mine Uncle and ally... *sigh*
Sorry, I"ve been unable to respond since I"ve to be away from the computer. IIRC, there"s a map setting which lets you check out the applied laws in the district under your cursor, you might want to shot that. You could also shot revocating the lands, that course. Relies on what you value more, fairness, or ns of lands which might be an extremely hard come recuperate later on

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It sounds like you"re making use of Gavelkind succession, i beg your pardon is why the crowns that Scotland and Ireland went to two various sons top top your queens death; I"d suggest an altering that (and changing it for both, if you gain back Scotland.)To save those holdings in her kingdom you"ll many likely have to revoke castle or imprison/banish the current holders, either of which you have the right to do a many at once. Friend could also poke around and also do some assassinating that the heirs till you"re in line because that it, or at the very least until lock won"t be inherited out of her kingdom. That have the right to be really expensive and dangerous though. I"d more than likely do a mix of every 3. If you anger a vassal into rebelling, you have the right to imprison the (for no penalty) and revoke one location (for no penalty). Simply make certain that girlfriend don"t gain too plenty of rebelling at once!