Cascade Kingdom strength Moons are what you"ll find here, wherein we detail each strength Moon and its ar in the region with accompanying screens for extra clarity.

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This is where to find Cascade Kingdom Moons then, but for various other regions you can cycle back to our strength Moon locations overview hub, or our key Super Mario Odyssey guide and walkthrough hub for much more.

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Super Mario Odyssey Cascade Kingdom power Moons 1 to 10

1. Our an initial Power Moon

To get the an initial Moon of the game, look the end for a Chain Chomp in former of a glowing tower of rock. Own the Chain Chomp, pull back on the left analog stick and also let that go once aligned with the pillar. It"ll explode, revealing a strength Moon.

3. Chomp with the Rocks

In the area with the 4 Chain Chomps, use the one on the left-hand next (with the dinosaur behind you) and hit the glowing brick wall surface in the cliff. Strength Moon, assemble!

4. Behind the Waterfall

In the 8_bit ar that leads as much as the platform with the two Chain Chomps, with the level with the 12 coins. To the left that it, loss the Goomba, jump up against the grey pillar and also reveal a an enig block. Use it to jump over the pillar, then relocate left to discover a power Moon behind the waterfall.

5. On height of the Rubble

From the Odyssey, rotate right and head towards the ramp wherein the colourful spiky adversaries appear. The Moon is atop some rubble.

6. Treasure of the Waterfall Basin

In the an initial waterfall area - v the smallest component of the fallen bridge behind girlfriend - follow the leaf of the ledge to her left. You"ll find a hidden cave right alongside the sheet of the falling water. The power Moon is inside a chest.

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7. Above a High Cliff

This Moon is rather easy come find. From the Odyssey, turn left and also posses the Chain Chomp. Aim because that the dark tower of rock by the cliff and edge and also destroy it. This will disclose a Warp Pipe. Once you reach the height of the cliff, rise the communication to the left come activate the checkpoint, climate turn right to take the Moon.

8. Throughout the Floating Isles

On the an extremely top platform, where you previously dealt with a boss, look because that a handful of floating platforms. Jump across them to with the power Moon yonder.

9. Cascade Kingdom Timer an obstacle 1

To the left of the an initial waterfall, look because that a scarecrow. Cross the 3 moving green platforms to bag the Moon at the far side.

10. Cascade Kingdom Timer challenge 2

On the really top platform, wherein you battled the boss, fight the scarecrow v your hat and also ascend the structure. You"ll have to backflip twice, so gain yourself in place quick. Moon is in ~ the top.

Super Mario Odyssey Cascade Kingdom strength Moons 11 to 20

11. An excellent Morning, Captain Toad

Directly below the cliff edge with the Moon rock on it, drop down an additional ledge to uncover Captain Toad enjoy it the view. Speak, and a power Moon shall appear.

12. Dinosaur Nest: large Cleanup!

From the optimal of the huge Stump checkpoint, drop under to the ledge behind and also enter the hat door. Inside, run across, own the T-Rex and also destroy every colourful adversary in sight. A Moon is yours.

13. Dinosaur Nest: to run Wild!

From the top of the big Stump checkpoint, drop down to the ledge behind and also enter the cap door. Inside, run across, own the T-Rex, then head earlier towards whereby you started. To the right is a reduced ledge. Drop down, ruin the pillars and also a power Moon will certainly be thrown out. Usage the trampoline to reach the top and also claim her prize.

14. Nice Shot through the Chain Chomp!

From the sleeping T-Rex, head around the left-hand next of the cliff in front of you, then go into the Warp Pipe. Usage the Chain Chomps come hit the targets and also reveal the power Moon at the end.

15. Really Nice Shot with the Chain Chomp!

This one is super sneaky. To discover the fourth room through Chain Chomps (yup, there"s a fourth one). Walk best to the far right-hand next of the room through the very first Power Moon. Relocate towards the camera and you have to see the edge of a ledge. Jump up and also enter this room. You"ll require to reason a chain reaction hitting all 3 Chomps to acquire your Moon.

16. Past the Chasm Lifts

Beside the SS checkpoint you"ll check out a cap door against the cliff face. Inside, traverse the 3D and also 2D part - the be cautious as there room plenty that Goombas in this sections - and reach the far right-hand side to seize the Moon.

18. Secret Path come Fossil Falls!

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To discover this an enig passage, you"ll must travel come the snow Kingdom. Own the nearest Ty-Foo, float over to the wooden action block in ~ the far end of the gameworld, punch it in the direction of the platform, de-possess and also jump into the paint above. The Moon is top top the various other side.

19. A tourist in the Cascade Kingdom

This Moon is unlocked as part of a pursuit for Moon #68 ("Round-the-World Tourist") on the Sand Kingdom. Inspect out the section on this Moon come unlock the Moon for the Cascade Kingdom and also every other place tied come this quest.

20. Rolling absent by the Falls

Cross the an initial waterfall and also look to her right. Next to a half-buried cap ship room some rocks. One is glowing, kick it roughly a few times to relax the Moon inside.

Super Mario Odyssey Cascade Kingdom strength Moons 20 come 25

21. Peach in the Cascade Kingdom

After you finish the main story, you"ll discover Peach top top the 2nd highest platform, by the edge close to the rib cage waterfall. Speak to she to get another Moon.

22. Cascade Kingdom consistent Cup

This one seems tough until you understand two things: a) stop LZ while running then instantly pressing B will cause Mario come do large leap front (until also add a dash of speed afterwards) and also b) the faster way (which requires using the white lid platforms come the best of the Chain Chomps) will gain you over there in first place.

Super Mario Odyssey walkthrough

Complete every mission and also find strength Moons in our guide.

Need an ext help? ours Super Mario Odyssey guide and also walkthrough goes through every target in each Kingdom, when our power Moon areas can assist you track down the likes that Cascade Kingdom power Moons, Sand Kingdom power Moons, subway Kingdom and brand-new Donk City strength Moons and much more collectables. We likewise have purple Coin areas for each Kingdom, and if you want to understand what to invest it on, we have actually a hats list, outfits list, sticker labels list, a souvenirs list as well as a music perform to kit the end the appearance of both Mario and also the Odyssey. When you"ve perfect the game, check out the free Balloon civilization update, too.

23. Caveman Cave-Fan

There"s a cap on the very top communication of the area. Buy the caveman headwear and outfit from the Crazy lid shop near the Odyssey, dress in lock then go back to him come unlock one more Moon.

24. Purchase in Fossil Falls

Enter the Crazy cap shop close to the Odyssey, and buy the Moon in below for just 100 gold coins. Bargain!

25. Sphynx travel to the Waterfall

Use the Binoculars behind the Odyssey come spy among the cap Kingdom pearl in the skies that"s carrying the Sphynx fairly than a continuous hat. The Moon will show up in former of you.

Other Cascade Kingdom power Moons you can unlock

As well together the above Moons that appear when you clear a Kingdom for the an initial time, over there is however another set that you have the right to collect later on in the game. It is in warned the following contains some irradiate spoilers.

When trying out each Kingdom previously, girlfriend may have noticed a giant, grey block the seemingly has no purpose. It"s this thing you must find once you have actually completed the video game that"ll give you even more things to do.

Watch on YouTube

The above video by Nintendo Life explains this in more detail, yet in short - finish the game, find the block in any kind of given Kingdom, and an ext Moons will certainly be accessible for you come find.

We won"t detail these extra Moons here, however the variety of these extra challenges easily accessible in every Kingdom varies - as with the lot of Moons you might find to start with. Good luck!

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