Helps return essential moisture to dried air for momentary relief native cough and also congestion.

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Helps girlfriend breathe far better and sleep more comfortably.

Top to fill channel - basic to fill.

Air clean filter (included).

Use v DynaFilter� air clean filter (one inside).

Cool, little room size1, as much as 20 hrs of operation2, 1.2 gallon capacity.


How the works:

The V425 cool mist humidifier create a superfine, clearly shows mist for much faster evaporation and also maximum comfort.

1. Include water with easy height fill channel without removing height housing.

2. Dry room waiting is attracted into the humidifier through the exclusive air clean DynaFilter�.

3. Water is traction up v the pick up tube.

4. Push in the vortex chamber division water right into a superfine mist.

5. The mist mixes through dry room air helping to restore moisture for much better breathing and also a much more comfortable sleep.

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