Parents desire the best for their babies, and illness deserve to be the worst nightmare in your lives. It could be uncomfortable for you to offer your kids medication, however sometimes, it’s the just solution to assist them recover from illnesses such together persistent cough.

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When you watch that her baby won’t stop coughing, more than likely it’s time to provide medication. However, is the Vicks plug for sure for a baby? This article will look in ~ the various aspects of the Vicks plug and also if it’s safe to usage on babies.

How to use Vicks

Most people use Vicks as an alternative way of absorbing oral medicines or as part of therapy for colds and also congestion. Vicks is considered as a subject ointment and you can apply it on your skin.

Parents usually apply Vicks BabyRub on your child’s neck, chest, or top back. However, it should never be used everywhere near the face and also the person could wish to cover the treated part with a warm cloth.

Otherwise, loosened clothing is advised so the there can be sufficient airflow. Some parents prefer to apply it to your babies’ feet and also cover them v socks.

The Vicks plug has many benefits to everyone including youngsters with cold symptoms. Most of these commodities have menthol, camphor, and eucalyptus oils that boosts the symptom of cold and aid kids who have upper respiratory tract problems.

The Vicks Plug is a safe and also easier method to aid ease congestion, and also it enables children to breathe easily while sleeping. The vapor penetrates your nostril passages to aid you get comfortable.

Can you use Vicks plug top top a baby?

Although there room a limited number of research studies that have actually examined if Vicks is for sure for babies, various other studies have actually concluded that the product is effective at treating resting problems, congestion, and coughs. Most civilization use Vicks BabyRub for babies under the age of 2 years old however who room older than 3 months.

You can also find Vicks VapoPads the you can use to her humidifier or vaporizer to help you relieve congestion, cold, and also cough.

These pads are non-medicated, work quickly, and are also safe because that newborn babies, meaning they deserve to enjoy a night’s sleep. Vicks gives various species of humidifiers and vaporizers, that have actually soothing properties. You can use this if you want the odor of menthol to lull the congestion and also soothe your baby.


Vicks advanced Soothing Vapors Waterless Vaporizer has actually a night light and also VapoPads draft to relieve discomfort indigenous colds and flu. You deserve to plug this Vicks Waterless Vaporizer right into an outlet in her home and also enjoy the Vicks vapor through its soothing power.

It has actually non-medicated menthol scent. It provides you a soft light nightlight an ideal when friend are having a sleepless night. This plugin waterless vaporizer is appropriate for both adults and children.

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When your child is sick from cold, they have the right to have problems sleeping during the night. Therefore, this waterless vaporizer release non-medicated and soothing vapors. Steam and humidity administer temporary relief native congestion and cough since of colds allergies.