Kim Chi is stuck in the middle of the Bob-Derrick spat.

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If anyone to be hoping because that an Untucked tie-in, every we obtain is Chi Chi looking at the jumpsuit Naysha left she at the end of the last episode. That’s it. No mention of Naysha in ~ all. I mean, I recognize Naysha already got her swan track off the show, but we don’t mention her at all or make a display of wiping the lipstick turn off the mirror? Okey dokey.

Bob is intimidating few of the girls by talking around doing Whoopi Goldberg, Uzo Aduba or Carol Channing. Yes, she does have costumes or pieces for each one of those. Naomi Smalls was going to usage this difficulty to prove the she’s more than a runway queen, however she was going to perform Whoopi Goldberg. Yeah, Bob freaks her out.

Chi Chi is doing Eartha Kitt. Kim Chi is law Kimmy Jong-Un – a drag variation of Kim Jong-Un – the sister that the North oriental dictator.

Derrick thinks around doing something various other than Britney Spears, which is a dumb choice. Also Chad Michaels go Cher. She corrects the choice, thankfully. Thorgy is going v Michael Jackson. Have the right to we go earlier to the drag queens doing female characters? Please?

So Derrick does carry out Britney, and she go a good job. However was she as an excellent as Tatiana’s Britney in Season 2?



Highs – Thorgy’s Michael Jackson, Bob starts with Uzo Aduba and also then switches come Carol Channing. A 6’2″ black man as Carol Channing. Derrick’s Britney. Chi Chi’s Eartha Kitt. Kim Chi’s Kimmy Jong-Un.

Low – acid Betty’s Nancy Grace, Robbie Turner’s Diana Vreeland (editor of Vogue), Naomi Small’s Tiffany Pollard. For this reason no one finished up act Whoopi Goldberg ~ all.

And the winner is – Charro! who just appears out of nowhere. It’s a an excellent cap come a meh Snatch Game.

And now it’s time for random yet insightful conversations between drag emperors while putting on makeup. Thorgy desires to it is in Thorgy & the 40 item Thorchestra. She would certainly conduct in drag. It would be awesome.

Acid feel left out of the Brooklyn drag scene. That’s why she’s obtained a wall surface up! Don’t friend see?! Naomi is embraced & her family members is huge and her parents space white.

Tonight’s runway theme: a night the a 100 Madonnas.

Judges tonight, in enhancement to Michelle Visage, are Carson Kressley, Gigi Hadid and also Chanel Iman. Gigi and Chanel gained to pat Snatch Game, however really neither among them was the exciting. Chanel giggled a lot. Gigi sounds choose she maybe has actually it together. Maybe.

Thorgy, Kim Chi, Derrick and Naomi are the an initial 4 up, and also they’re every wearing a kimono Madonna look. This girls space going to get read on that runway.

Acid Betty go the ‘giving bear to doves’ Madonna. It’s so great, and a refreshing change from Kimono Madonna. Robbie go A league of Her very own Madonna. Chi Chi does Express you yourself Madonna. Bob’s in enlightenment Madonna. Madonna, Madonna, Madonna.

Kim Chi & Chi Chi Devayne are sent to safety. They obtain time come ki-ki in the back. Carson shows Acid Betty exactly how to carry out a Nancy elegant impression. Betty mentions that she desire Carson had actually been she coach. We acquire the snarky music. Not certain why, it’s not choose she said anything dorn or bitchy.

There was method too much initiative extended this season right into making acid Betty ‘the bitch.’ it didn’t work guys.

Robbie provides the excuse the she’s losing her voice and also that’s why her Diana Vreeland to be weak. Yawn.

Once again, it’s Thorgy vs Bob because that the win, and also Bob wins however again. Hilariously she wins a set of handbags & wallets. Purse first! Derrick is safe, as is Robbie Turner.

Up for elimination space Acid Betty and also Naomi Smalls. They’re lip synching to leading to a Commotion. Naomi goes for the disrobe under to the underwear. Mountain Betty goes right into this weird providing birth part of her performance. She stated she was going to make history with this lip synch, however I’m no seeing noþeles all the special. It’s your an easy walking tourism of the runway. Naomi is sticking with the sexy, i beg your pardon is most likely the ideal direction. As whole I think acid Betty is a stronger queen, but based upon this lip synch, it’s difficult to determine. Betty’s not as well exciting, yet Naomi fall the kimono.

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Even despite she stripped, Naomi Smalls is staying. Acid Betty didn’t seem come really offer it. It renders me want to walk Tyra top top her.

What execute you males think? to be it all too pat that mountain Betty went home? it seemed method too, ahem, pre-destined if you know what ns mean. What did you men think of she elimination?