Where is Hun Chu?

Location. The is located on the Hun Chiu Peninsula off the coast of the southern China Sea. That is bordered by east Hun Chiu come the east and also China to the west. There is a DMZ follow me the border, and also 300,000 energetic military an individual plus 50,000 American advisors, with secondary 200,000 reserve personal.

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What country is Kunami in designated survivor?

Location. The nation is located in the Persian Gulf, ~ above the border the Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

What is the best country ~ above earth?

Canada. #1 in finest Countries Overall. Japan. #2 in best Countries Overall. Germany. #3 in ideal Countries Overall. Switzerland. #4 in ideal Countries Overall. Australia. #5 in ideal Countries Overall. Joined States. #6 in best Countries Overall. New Zealand. #7 in finest Countries Overall. Joined Kingdom. #8 in ideal Countries Overall.

Is Kunami a synth?

There is no proof to support Kasumi’s id she is a synth, beyond her very own feelings. Part synths, prefer Glory and Roger Warwick, perform not drop a synth component once they die.

What happens if ns tell DiMA im a synth?

When chatting to DiMA, you deserve to tell him you’re a synth and also Nick will certainly appreciate it. ~ above the other side, if you speak synths are simply machines, Valentine will go minus one on his respect algorithm.

Should I kill high confessor Tektus?

There is no penalty for killing Tektus after convincing him to flee. The player character can inform DiMa that they encouraged Tektus to flee but he will accept the results anyway.

Should ns tell Kasumi around DiMA?

Talk v her come tell her what you have actually learned around what DiMA has done. Talking through Kasumi can turn the end a variety of ways. If girlfriend agree the Acadia is miscellaneous worth conserving or at the very least the ideal is precious protecting, she will certainly reward the sole Survivor through 3 Stimpaks, Radaways and also Stealth Boys.

What’s the best ending for far Harbor?

Fallout 4: much Harbor – reformation (the finest ending) The happiest ending with the many rewards is easily accessible if you select this search to finish the main storyline in autumn 4’s far Harbor DLC. This branch grants the many rewards.

What walk Jules key unlock?

The an essential will unlock the steamer trunk on the aft finish of the tugboat, enabling Victoria’s note to be accumulated from the trunk. The note indicates something is covert on Faraday’s terminal in ~ Acadia and reading the repair Surgery 009 entrance under previous Projects top top the terminal reveals much more information about Jule.

Is Jules a synth fallout 4?

Jules is a third-generation synth traveling v Fred and also Angie v the republic in 2287.

How carry out I open my victor trunk?


After completing Data Recovery, speak through Cog in the lower levels of Acadia. Talk to Jule and also listen to she dream.Travel come Southwest Harbor and unlock the Victoria’s stems on the boat using the key Jule provides. Go back to Acadia, and also search the laboratory terminal on the northern finish of the lowest level.

How carry out I get into Bunker Hill autumn 4?

Upon completing the quest The battle of Bunker Hill, the player character deserve to unlock this settlement by speak to Kessler.

Who is Timothy fallout4?

Timothy is a synth who has somehow regulated to leaving the Institute. That wanders the republic with the intent of reaching Bunker Hill, protecting against to ask passersby because that directions follow me the way.

Should I provide the crucial to the high confessor?

When choosing to destroy Far Harbor, one have the right to optionally provide the atom launch an essential to High Confessor Tektus. Do note that by act this the player personality can’t go ago and damage the Nucleus as well, should they desire so. Tektus will praise them, yet then urge them to ruin Far Harbor.

What level must you it is in for much harbor?

You have to be at certain levels to carry out the DLC. 15 for Automatron,20 for much Harbor and also 30 for Nuka World.

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Who must I take it to far Harbor?

You for sure must carry Nick Valentine v you. Few of the biggest payoffs/quests in much Harbor’s story revolve about Nick, but for whatever reason, the video game does let you play the DLC without him.