Question number 5) The below is B - the thing that the andAztec civilizations had in common was that peasant farmers consisted of thelargest social class. Concern number 6) The correct forthis concern is C - Scholars think that the purpose of the geoglyphscreated by the Nazca was to convey spiritual meaning. Questionnumber 7) The statement that defines trade in the Inca empire wouldmost likely be A - The Incas relied top top trade through the Andean culturesfor non-agricultural goods.

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Correct choice for inquiry 5 is :

B) Peasant farmers consisted of the largest social class.


The, Inca, and also Aztecs established prominent worlds in Mexico and also in central and south America within 1,800 and 500 year ago. The first of these was the culture. Both the Malondonchinatown.orgns and also Aztec also made pyramids to honor your gods. The monument was the love of the city, revealing spiritual significance come both civilizations. Economically, both the Malondonchinatown.orgns and also Aztec had actually farming economics. They additionally both supported their economy by selling manufactured goods and also jewelry.


Correct selection for inquiry 6 is :

C) to convey spirituality meaning


Most of the monitor are created on the floor by a slight hollow with a depth in between 10 and also 15 cm. Such tubes to be made by removed the reddish-brown iron oxide-coated stones that cover the surface ar of the Nazca Desert. The Nazca civilization were an neck prehistoric society that was thriving in using design methods to lug underground water come the outside for fertilization. Some of the principles concerning the purpose of the lines connect them come this require for water.

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Correct choice for concern 7 is :

A) The Incas relied top top trade through the Andean societies for no-agricultural goods.


One that the Inca civilization\"s most well-known surviving historical places is Machu Picchu, i beg your pardon was arisen as a resort for one Incan ruler. The Incas named their realm Tawantinsuyu, the soil of the 4 Corners, and its official language to be Quechua. Inca traded with Aztec and Malondonchinatown.orgs and among themselves.