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The pudendal nerve has actually motor and also sensory features in the pelvis and plays an essential part in both sexual role and continence.

The pudendal nerve sends out signals to the main nerves system that are associated in both penile and also clitoral erection. It's likewise responsible for masculine ejaculation.

Causes that pudendal neuropathy include:

Trauma due to childbirthGynecological or colo-rectal surgeryOther trauma to the pelvis and/or buttocksExcessive sit on a hard surface, just like cyclist"s syndromeExcessive physics exerciseThickening the ligaments in the regionBony formations putting push on the nervePoor postureStress

Symptoms that pudendal neuropathy space felt in the genitalia, urethra, perineum, anus, or rectum. lock include:

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Pain that is burning, shooting, aching, or prefer an electric shockItching or raw feelingSexual dysfunction and/or pain throughout intercourseDifficulty sittingBladder ache or dysfunctionBowel pains or dysfunctionA complete sensation in the rectum or vagina (rarely)Pain while sitting however not when standingPhantom pains in the buttocks, legs, and also feet because of sensation over there being supplied by adjacent spinal nerves


Treatment depends mostly on the cause of your pudendal neuropathy. It may encompass any combination of the following: