Civil servants were recruited and supported through a collection of examinations. These tests were, theoretically at least, open up to anybody and also were responsible because that a significant degree of society mobility. Success could carry privileged status and wealth to even the many humble born.

According come the national Palace Museum, Taipei: “With Sui empire origins and also largely formalized in the T"ang and Sung dynasties, the imperial examination mechanism of timeless China arisen as a way to identify men that talent and also select public representative for federal government service. Practiced an ext than a thousand years, it involved an end in 1904 through the education and learning reforms as component of modernization efforts at the finish of the Ch"ing dynasty. Come take part in the imperial examinations and be chosen as the elite of the "golden list" became the ultimate course to success in imperial China.

Professor Derk Bodde the the university of Pennsylvania wrote: “The chef defect in this mechanism was its focus upon literary style and a thorough knowledge of the Chinese classics, at the price of much more practical matters. One more was the failure of the Chinese government to carry out anything approaching a national mechanism of totally free education. Hence, many candidates had to prepare themselves because that the examinations in ~ their own expense and also the inevitable result was the the majority of those maybe to take it them come from the well-to-do. Nevertheless, the system had two important advantages. It to be open, v trifling exceptions, to all members of society, therefore making that the world"s most autonomous means, before modern times, for picking government officials. And also it ensured the existence in the government of men of high education.”

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Chinese imperial Exams

The Chinese civil business exam was basically a check of expertise of Confucian texts. Because that 2000 years, up until 1905, the heart of the exam was a regurgiation the the Four good Books and Five Classics, consisting of Confucius"s Analects, the publication of Mencius, the good Learning, and also the doctrine of the Mean. Check takers were offered a certain amount that time (sometimes 6 weeks) and also they were claimed to write every little thing they knew. Ideally, the students with the finest scores were favored for the ideal positions in the bureaucracy.

There were local, provincial and also palace exams and they covered a number of topics, including poetry, philosophy, politics and also ethics. Passing was said to be more difficult than obtaining into Harvard. Stephen West, a Chinese literary works professor in ~ Berkeley said U.S. News and World Report, "The magnitude of their success was impressive. It would be as if a Henry Kissinger was a gifted poet. Or if W.H Auden was also a superb federal government policy specialist."

Professor Derk Bodde that the college of Pennsylvania wrote: The examinations took place within large walled enclosures, inside of which to be thousands of small brick cells, laid the end in directly rows prefer the dwellings of a town. Every cell consisted of a bench and also table, and housed a concerned candidate. Every precaution was taken to stop cheating. Candidates to be searched prior to entering the enclosure, carefully watched when the examination was in progress, and also not permitted to leave till it was over. Each examination frequently lasted numerous days and was of unbelievable difficulty. In 1889, for example, the end of an ext than 14,000 candidates acquisition the check in Peking, just slightly end 300 passed. The reward for success, however, to be entry into the honored ranking of the scholar-officials that governed the country.

Carrie Gracie that BBC News wrote: “Some candidates had actually to invest three days and nights in one examination cell measuring 6ft by 3ft (1.8 meter by 0.9 meter), the culmination of year of rote learning. Frances Wood, curator the the Chinese collection at the brothers Library told the BBC: "The civil organization exams arisen over the centuries.

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The essays were largely to carry out with the content of the Confucian classics - how do you preeminence the people? You preeminence them through good, you preeminence them with example. It"s principles that they"re being examined ~ above - their capability to cough up gobbets the Confucian morality."