What is the IP attend to and TCP harbor number supplied by the customer computer (source) that is transporting the record to gaia.cs.umass.edu?Client IP : TCP port: health-polling (1161)2. What is the IP attend to of gaia.cs.umass.edu? top top what port number is the sending and also receiving TCP segments because that this connection?Ip deal with : TCP Port: 80
3. What is the IP attend to and TCP harbor number provided by your customer computer (source) to move the document to gaia.cs.umass.edu? resource port:(1742)4. What is the sequence number of the TCP SYN segment that is offered to begin the TCP connection in between the client computer and gaia.cs.umass.edu? What is it in the segment the identifies the segment as a SYN segment?Sequence number: 0 (relative succession number)The syn segement have the right to be watched to be set to 1 (.... .... ..1. = Syn: Set) This mirrors it is a syn segment5. What is the sequence number of the SYNACK segment sent out by gaia.cs.umass.edu to the customer computer in answer to the SYN? What is the worth of the ACKnowledgement ar in the SYNACK segment? just how did gaia.cs.umass.edu identify that value? What is the in the segment that identifies the segment as a SYNACK segment?The sequence number: Acknowledgement number: 1 (relative ack number)value that the ACKnowledgement ar is 1gaia.cs.umass.edu determined that value by adding 1 come the sequence number of the previous segement.This segment is figured out as a synack segment acknowledgement and syn bits are both set.

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6. What is the sequence variety of the TCP segment containing the HTTP post command? note that in order to find the short article command, you’ll have to dig right into the packet content field at the bottom of the Wireshark window, in search of a segment with a “POST” within its DATA field.The sequence variety of the TCP segment comprise the HTTP article Command is 1
7. Take into consideration the TCP segment comprise the HTTP write-up as the very first segment in the TCP connection. What are the sequence numbers of the an initial six segments in the TCP link (including the segment containing the HTTP POST)? at what time to be each segment sent? once was the ACK for each segment received? offered the difference between when every TCP segment to be sent, and also when its acknowledgement to be received, what is the RTT value for every of the 6 segments? What is the EstimatedRTT worth (see web page 249 in text) after the receipt of each ACK? Assume the the worth of the EstimatedRTT is equal to the measure up RTT for the an initial segment, and also then is computed making use of the EstimatedRTT equation on page 249 because that all subsequent segments. Note: Wireshark has actually a nice attribute that allows you to plot the RTT for each of the TCP segments sent. Pick a TCP segment in the “listing of recorded packets” window that is being sent out from the client to the gaia.cs.umass.edu server. Then select: Statistics->TCP stream Graph->Round expedition Time Graph.
segmentRelative Segment numberSegment numberTime sentAcknowledgement ReceivedRTTEstimated RTT

Estimated RTT packet 1 : 0.875 * .028 + 0.125 * .028= .028Estimated RTT packet 2 : 0.875 * .042+ 0.125 * .035 = .035Estimated RTT packet 3 : 0.875 * .054 + 0.125 * .070 = .070Estimated RTT packet 4 : 0.875 * .055+ 0.125 * .114 = .114Estimated RTT packet 5 : 0.875 * .077+ 0.125 * .140 = .140Estimated RTT packet 6 : 0.875 * .078+ 0.125 * .190 = .1908. What is the size of every of the very first six TCP segments?Segment 1 = 565 bytesSegment 2 = 1460 bytesSegment 3 = 1460 bytesSegment 4 = 1460 bytesSegment 5 = 1460 bytesSegment 6 = 1460 bytes9. What is the minimum lot of accessible buffer space advertised at the obtained for the whole trace? does the lack of recipient buffer room ever accelerator the senderThe minimum amount of accessible buffer room is advertised as (Calculated home window size): 5840 bytes. The absence of recipient buffer room does not ever before throttle the sender.10. Space there any type of retransmitted segments in the map file? What did you check for (in the trace) in order to answer this question?There room no retransmitted segments. To examine this, ns looked for any kind of repeating segment numbers.11. Exactly how much data walk the receiver frequently acknowledge in an ACK? deserve to you identify situations where the recipient is ACKing every other received segment (see Table 3.2 on page 257 in the text).The receiver frequently acknowledges 1460 bytes in an ack. If the data is double then the segement is acking every other12. What is the throughput (bytes moved per unit time) for the TCP connection? define how friend calculated this value.The file is 177851 bytes dive the by the full time 7.596 seconds and also average throughput is 23413.77 bytes per second
13. Usage the Time-Sequence-Graph(Stevens) plotting tool to see the sequence number versus time plot of segment being sent from the customer to the gaia.cs.umass.edu server.

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Can you identify where TCP’s slowstart phase begins and also ends, and where jam avoidance take away over? discuss ways in i m sorry the measure data different from the idealized actions of TCP that we’ve studied in the textThe slowstart phase begins at about zero and ends at around .15 secs in follow to the graph then congestion bring away over. The measure data is only using a fraction of the home window size rather of the idealized 1/3 come a half.