Definition: one economic and political mechanism in i m sorry a country"s trade and industry are managed by personal owners for profit. Significance:: This was what about half of the battle was about. Some countries wanted to be Capitalist, however other people and also Countries disagreed and wanted to be Communist.

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Definition: A society in i beg your pardon all home is publicly owned and also each human being works and is payment according to your abilities and also needs Significance:: many of the conflicting States/Countries in the Cold war were that this belief. Communism was what the war was largely about.
Definition: A nation that is formally independent, yet is under hefty political and economic influence or manage by one more country Significance:: These states were really common during the Cold War. Russia took over most of them.
Definition: This to be a constitutionally communist state the existed in Europe and also Asia Significance:: This organization was taking over numerous countries over the course of the Cold War. They were also against the united States.
Definition: A policy that promised assist to human being struggling to resist threats to democratic freedom. Significance: This helped world that were struggling throughout the Cold War and helped them realize the freedom that lock had.
Definition: A arrangement to help Europe"s economic climate after world War II. Significance:: In this arrangement America donated a most money to help boost Europe"s economy. After ~ the second World War, their economic situation was terrible because they had actually to pay because that the battle supplies.
Definition: This to be a strategy provided to help stall the spread of communism. Significance:: This strategy shows just exactly how much the U.S didn"t want the spread out of communist (see Domino Theory)
Definition: This to be an economic organization comprising the countries of the east Bloc along with a number of communist says in other places in the World. Significance:: This to be a great plan due to the fact that it aided other economies in the world. ~ above the various other hand, it assisted the communists, that were our enemies throughout the Cold War.
Definition: A committee that contained the U.S house of Representatives that didn"t think in communism. Significance:: This to be a far-ranging committee throughout the Cold War due to the fact that the members assisted contain communist to the USSR only and not the unified States.
Definition: The place that the oriental War started. Significance:: This ar is regarded the Cold War because the korean War, choose the Cold War, was a fight versus communist and also capitalist states/countries.
Definition: This battle was a war against the communist and capitalist states/countries. Significance:: This battle was the starting point that the substantial quarrel of the communists and capitalists. Throughout the whole Cold War, the united States and also most that the other capitalist says were fighting versus North Korea and most that the other communist states.
Definition: An organization which helps keep peace among many nations. Significance:: This to be a far-reaching organization because during the Cold battle the whole world really required to have actually peace among the nations, and also this "bump in the road" helped improve the unified Nations due to the fact that they were able to watch what they might do much better next time there was a war and learn native this problem.
Definition: A competition in between the USSR and the United claims to basically take over external space. Significance:: This to be yet another competition in between the USSR and the joined States. Other than in this war-like-problem, there wasn"t a winner or a loser, rather no one winner the gyeongju to space.
Definition: one aircraft the was own by the USSR Significance:: This was far-reaching to the Cold War because it had actually to carry out with the an are Race.
Definition: This was a dream that everyone have freedom. Significance:: This was far-reaching to the Cold War due to the fact that during the Cold war America believed in capitalism, which gives everyone same freedom.

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Definition: A theory within the global Relations that defines the relation between politics and also territory and compromises the art and practice of analyzing, proscribing, forecasting and using political strength over a offered territory. Significance: This hatchet is significant to the Cold War due to the fact that during the Cold War many of Europe believed in communism and also most that America thought in capitalism.

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