In order for convection to happen, product with part temperature and also density has actually to circulation to a ar where the product there has a various temperature and density.

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Material doesn"t flow in solids, only in FLuids.

Option (C)


In stimulate to create convection cells, the liquid must it is in of extremely high temperature and low density.

The lower component of the liquid when heated, the temperature increases significantly, as a result of which that expands. Due to this, that becomes much less dense, and tends to rise up in the direction of the surface. This rising fluid when get the surface, that is temperature at some point decreases. It then becomes denser and also subsequently sinks to the bottom. This is just how the cycle repeats, forming the convection cell in the fluid.

Thus, both the heat gradient and also density is responsible for the development of convection cells in a fluid.

Hence, the exactly answer is alternative (C).

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The correct answer is C) heat gradient and also changes in density

What is essential for a convection cabinet to be set up in a liquid is thermal gradient and also changes in density.

We are referring to liquid dynamics. A convection cell is present when a liquid is warmed and also loses density. When density difference exit within a body of gas or liquid, we room talking about a convection cell. This is a cycle that repeats and it forms a pattern of motion. The blow of the wind is a by-product the convection cell in the atmosphere.

The question is asking to choose among the following choices that says on what is crucial for a convection cabinet to be set up in fluid, basic on mine research, I would say that the answer would be letter C. Heat gradient and changes in density. I hope this would help


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