Long prior to man domesticated any other form of animal, we had dogs living through us. In fact, research says that dogs were domesticated roughly 15,000 year ago. I will describe a little more about the scientific research a little later, but what this does median is that this date is possibly means before plenty of Christians think the civilization was created.

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However, ns not below to gain into a theological conversation on id or religion. Mine blog no a ar for that. What this is a ar for though, is facts around dogs. I freshly researched into what dogs are pointed out in the Bible, and also how countless times a dog is referenced.

It to be an amazing study, as I don’t believe any type of other canine blog has ever before taken the moment to discover out about dogs in the Bible. Here’s what i found…

What dog are mentioned in the Bible?

Whilst dog are discussed multiple times in the scriptures (more on the in a moment), there is just one breed that is particularly mentioned; and that’s the greyhound in Proverbs 30:29-31.

With the greyhound gift the only dog breed the is specifically mentioned in the Bible, you are probably wondering what the paper definition was, and also what the passage says. Here’s the direct quote native the King James version.

“There be three things which carry out well, yea, which space comely in going; a lion, i beg your pardon is strongest among beasts and turneth no away from any; A greyhound; A he-goat also.”

The native “greyhound” is translated from the Hebrew phrase for “girt in the loins”. Go that mean is was an yes, really greyhound in the scriptures (if the literal an interpretation is to be believed)?

Well, maybe not… it was more than likely the the next the translators the the initial Hebrew can get to.

Interestingly, there are various other versions that the scriptures where the greyhound personality is instead explained as a “strutting rooster” – that stands to reason that the translators because that King James more than likely didn’t want to speak to him that!

It’s additionally worth mentioning that the greyhound each other of dog was an extremely popular in the court of King James once this version of the holy bible was published. This dog breed was most likely high top top the list of breed the translators were familiar with.

And to be it even a greyhound in King James day anyway?

Perhaps not.

I check out a short article on a web forum indigenous a human being debating where it mentions greyhounds in the Bible, and also he claimed this:

“It would certainly not have actually been greyhound in the original text. Normally speaking, the only dog breed throughout this period of background that you can compare it with would have been the saluki breed. Despite these would certainly not have actually been especially common. Most individuals would have actually been familiar with the common pariah dogs.”

Where go it point out greyhounds in the Bible?

To confirm and also conclude, a greyhound is the just dog discussed in the holy bible by each other (if it’s the King James variation you’re reading).

The specific place that mentions greyhounds in the holy bible is in Proverbs 30:29-31.

How many times does the scriptures mention dogs?

But the doesn’t average there aren’t various other mentions that a dog in the Bible. In fact, there space plenty of doggy references, they simply aren’t each other specific.

And how countless times does the bible mention dog exactly?

Well, according to my own research, the bible mentions dogs 41 time if you incorporate the Old and new Testaments together. Come be more precise, mentions of a dog in the bible are together follows:

Dogs are mentioned 32 times in the Old Testament in Hebrew.Dogs are pointed out 9 times in the new Testament in Greek.

And listed below you can see one infographic I developed which estimates every phrase in the scriptures which mentions the word “dog”. Feel cost-free to usage it top top your own website, yet if you do please execute credit londonchinatown.org v a link!

Each time dogs are pointed out in the bible (Feel cost-free to use however please credit us earlier with a link).

What to be the function of dog in the Bible?

If we read through the mentions i referenced in infographic above, there room some recurring themes as soon as dogs are mentioned in the Bible.

Dogs were supplied for farming, herding, and also hunting.Some mentions it seems to be ~ to imply that being violent come dogs to be acceptable.The word “dog” is commonly used together an humiliation or a referral to low status.In the brand-new Testament, being called a dog can mean you are evil.

It’s no clear if dogs were retained as pets throughout Biblical times, or at least not in the way we would think about pets to be kept. Dogs are often mentioned as functioning animals, and also there is likewise a tip that there were perceived negatively as result of running wild in packs.

What scientific research says about dogs and domestication

There’s a terrific article top top the brand-new York Times about research right into where dogs come from and also the history of canine domestication.

“Scientists normally agree the there is good evidence that dogs to be domesticated around 15,000 year ago. By 14,000 year ago, people were burying dogs, sometimes together with humans. However some biologist argue, based on DNA evidence and also the form of ancient skulls, the dog domestication occurred well over 30,000 year ago. And also as to whereby the process occurred, researchers examining dog and also wolf DNA — most of it contemporary but part from ancient sources — have said in recent years that dogs originated in east Asia, Mongolia, Siberia, Europe and also Africa.”

Depending top top your watch on Biblical history, it might be that dogs were domesticated in Biblical times, or probably they weren’t.

I will certainly leave the one up to you.

What other animals are stated in the Bible?

Whilst there room plenty of dog in the Bible, consisting of the currently famous cite of a greyhound, there space no cats. However, there space mentions that random animals that you can not have expected including:


To name however a few… you deserve to see a full list of pets mentioned in the scriptures in this Wikipedia list.


After reading around the greyhound in the Bible and also 41 mentions the dogs, I made decision to discover which mention most resonated v me. I think that the two below.

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Mark 7:27: and also he claimed to her, “Let the kids be fed first, because that it is not ideal to take it the children’s bread and throw it to the dogs.” 

Mark 7:28: but she answered him, “Yes, Lord; yet even the dogs under the table eat the children’s crumbs.” 

Our dog Claude sit patiently by mine son’s chair when we eat, together he knows that this is wherein all the crumbs and mess will autumn to quickly gobble up!

It appears like also a dog in the bible behaved this method and not lot has adjusted since!

If the greyhound gift the just dog breed specifically discussed in the scriptures has whetted your appetite for discovering more, you can like this background of the each other on the UK Greyhound club website.