Think you're a facebook expert? even if it is you've been utilizing it because that years or just jumped top top board, here's exactly how to customize the society network to her needs.

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SpotifyPremium members in select markets have the right to now hear to songs and podcasts within the iOS and also Android facebook app. Spotify totally free users can also tap into the new feature via shuffle mode, with ads. As soon as you or a girlfriend share a song to on facebook from the Spotify app, you can press play and also listen come it as you continue scrolling v Facebook.

The Inbox friend Don"t also Know About


If you"ve to be a facebook user for a while, climate you probably have a folder complete of unread messages that you didn"t also know existed: the Message Requests folder. This is whereby Facebook sends out all the missives from world you"re not at this time friends with. It could be filled through old high school flings getting to out or a bunch ofNigerian spammers. Who knows? just one method to find out!

To review these messages, navigate to, and click theMessenger icon (the native balloon with the lightning bolt)at the peak of your Facebook house screen. Click See all in Messenger at the bottom to go complete screen. Click the three-dot ellipsis food selection icon and select Message Requests. Then you"ll check out all species of message from strangers.

There might be an entry referred to as See Spam mirroring those who tried to contact you, however who"ve most likely been kicked turn off the business after being reported by others. Delete them with joy.

See every the Friends you Requested


What around all the world you asked to be your friend who ignored or deleted her request? facebook keeps monitor of that. Go to because that a list of the civilization who hate you. Or probably they just don"t check Facebook that much. Most likely both.

See Who"s Snooping In her Account


Want to know if someone is logged into your on facebook account without your permission? Navigate come Settings > Security and Login and also look because that Where You"re Logged In. Here, you will find all your active Facebook log-ins from desktop computer or cell phone devices, even throughout apps (like the Facebook application vs. The Messenger app). It will (usually) administer data ~ above the location, browser, and also device. If something appears fishy, log the end from individual gadgets (click thethree-dot menu > log Out) or all tools at when (scroll to the bottom and click Log the end Of every Sessions). This comes in comfortable if you log in to a friend"s laptop or a publicly computer and also forget to log in out.

Add part Extra Security


It"s a an excellent idea to litter in someadditional class of securityon your on facebook account. Below are 3 smart things you have the right to do to safeguard yourself, i m sorry you"ll uncover underSettings > Security and also Login:

Restrict "Friends" From see Posts


You can manage who sees your facebook posts—everyone, friends, friend of friends, or just details people. If you have actually "friends" you don"t desire snooping on all your posts, restrict their access. Go to the profile page of the girlfriend you desire to restrict. Click theFriendsbutton in gray (three-dot food selection > girlfriend on mobile), and also selectEdit girlfriend List >Restricted. The friend will no much longer see what you write-up unless it"s a public post. Girlfriend can examine who"s ~ above this perform by going come click Restricted.

Unfollow people Without Unfriending


In theory, all your facebook friends room actually world you like, and want to hear from, but that"s not realistic. However it would be rude to defriend your aunt or her chatty high college classmate. Take it the easy way out and Unfollow them. Their posts won"t show up in her News Feed, yet you"ll still it is in "friends" as far as facebook is concerned. Unfollow native the News feed by selecting the ellipsis and also clicking "Unfollow ." lock won"t be notified and you deserve to scroll in peace. Re-activate your virtual friendship later by going to Settings & Privacy > News Feed choices > Reconnect.

Save write-ups for Later


Facebook makes it following to impossible to go back and uncover something that you whizzed past during a current scroll. Don"t lose that tasty-looking cooking recipes or amazing article; conserve it because that later. Tap theellipsis menuin the top right of any type of post and also selectSave link or conserve to watch later on from the drop-down menu. This will certainly send the attach to your saved folder. Where"s your saved folder? You in reality won"t check out it until you save something. Then a little purple Saved ribbon appears in your left-hand favorite bar on the desktop; insanity thehamburger menuon mobile. Saved posts don"t expire but they can disappear if the initial poster deletes it. If you"re a prolific saver, you can group your conserved items into Collections to save them organized.

See just how Much Time You invest on Facebook


Are you involved you spend too lot time on Facebook? ~ above the mobile app, you deserve to now see precisely how lengthy you spend on the website each day. Go to thehamburger food selection > setups & Privacy > her Time ~ above Facebook. The bar chart underSee Timewill display screen how countless minutes per day you were on throughout the last week; swipe left to watch Daytime vs. Nighttime usage, and total variety of visits. UnderManage your Time, set a everyday Time Reminder come be educated when you"ve been on the application a details amount that time, and also create a Quiet setting schedule come mute press notifications.

You can additionally use the built-iniOS ScreenTime featureunderSettingsto inspect your as whole social network usage, and set a limit—maybe an hour every day on all social media (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and also more.) Android users have the right to tryDigital Wellbeing. There"s no desktop computer equivalent for, yet you can use theRescueTime extensionto monitor you yourself on Facebook and beyond.

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Download a Copy of All your Facebooking


Want your own an individual copy of every little thing you"ve ever shared top top Facebook—for posterity or to save prior to you delete her account? Every post, every image, every video, every message, and also chat conversation (not to point out all the setups you probablydon"t even think about)? go toSettings > Your facebook Information> Download her Information. Monitor the directions from there to decide what you desire to download, the time frame you want, and the format the data must arrive in. Pick Create File. Relying on how lot stuff you have saved on your account, it can take for bit for on facebook to translate into it; you"ll obtain a notice when it"s prepared to download.

Choose a "Legacy Contact" for After friend Croak


Everyone on Facebook will die. Eventually. In anticipation the this inescapable truth, Facebook lets you name a legacy contactwho will control your accountafter you room gone. Your legacy contact can write a pinned post for her profile, answer to brand-new friend requests the come after you have actually passed, and also update your profile and cover photo (in instance your final image is friend in an ironic SpongeBob Halloween costume). Castle can also download your facebook data, minus any messages girlfriend sent/received.