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Harry Potter hogwart Mystery"s latest update adds brand-new "Share a Meal" and also "Play Gobstones" encounters. Uncover the answer to tricky encounter questions prefer What"s in Doxycide, Forgetfulness Potion, Polyjuice and more, here.

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Harry Potter Hogwarts an enig just dropped a brand brand-new update, with an ext fun side missions and challenges players. Currently players have actually the opportunity to participate in tasks such as playing Gobstones or enjoy it a enjoy the meal together. This actions don"t cost any type of energy however can aid level up your relationships with NPCs choose Rowan and also Penny Nymphadora Tonks and more. While us all got a taste of Gobstones and other meet in Year One, the new challenges require players to depend on their expertise of the personalities in the game and also lore from the wider Harry Potter universe.

If friend aren"t completely up to snuff on this topics however still want to do well in the new encounters, we"ve put together a guide for how the brand-new character meet work, in addition to a growing list that the finest answers for winning in ~ Gobstones or other character next missions. Together we unlock more challenges, we"ll proceed to upgrade this post. In the meantime, if you are in search of answers to earlier character encounters found earlier in Year One, girlfriend can find answers come those, here.

Harry Potter Hogwarts secret Update Guide: how Gobstones and Share a meal Side objectives Work


New "Meal with a Friend" and "Play Gobstones" encounters are now available in the latest Harry Potter: Hogwarts mystery Update.Jam City

How execute I find Side Missions/Encounters? How often Can i Play?

Both play Gobstones and Sharing a Meal through a friend both occupational in a comparable fashion. The main difference is whereby the encounters take place. Because that Gobstones, you"ll must head to the Courtyard and look for an symbol that mirrors a handshake, then tap top top the option to begin the encounter. For Sharing a Meal, you"ll have to head to the great Hall. Additionally, friend can examine for next encounters in the menu with the checklist icon on the left-hand side of the video game screen. From what we can tell, you deserve to participate in a offered Encounter once every 16 hours. This equals approximately once or twice a day every encounter.

How carry out The new Encounters Work?


Encounters don"t price energy yet can knife you beneficial rewards and assist level increase friendshipsJam CityEach of these new encounters needs players to spend a set number of coins — lock amount different from about 30 -75 coins. The thing of the conference is to obtain at the very least one diamond within a given number of turns. In ~ the beginning of the encounter, friend will choose a girlfriend from a perform of accessible choices — I generally go through whichever one is at a reduced friendship level. Together you answer inquiries in the encounter, you"ll obtain or lose points depending upon the answer girlfriend choose.

Before you begin the encounter, you"ll watch a list of encourage courage, empathy and knowledge levels. Don"t issue though. You can still participate even if you aren"t in ~ the encourage levels. You"ll just need to work more tough to choose the ideal answers. If friend aren"t in ~ the recommended level in a particular area and you choose an answer that matches that skill type, you"ll shed a small variety of points due to lacking experience. ~ above the flip side, if your suffer level is higher than necessary, friend can gain bonus points. As long as you to fill in at least once diamond within the given variety of turns, you success the encounter and will it is in awarded extra friendship points, exp increase, and other perks. Girlfriend earn about three friendship points for each diamond for this reason participating in these encounters deserve to both fun and helpful for leveling up your relationship.

New side Mission Answers: best Choices because that What"s in Doxycide, Forgetfulness Potion, Polyjuice and an ext Update Questions

As stated before, the new update has just rolled out, for this reason this perform is by no means comprehensive. We"ll continue to add the finest answers we"ve found as us complete an ext encounters. Each girlfriend you have actually encounters with has his or her very own specific collection of inquiries that the or she will ask. Together we unlock new characters we"ll continue to add encounter questions and also answers, through the newest at the peak of the list.

NEW: Encounters through Nymphadora Tonks

Meal with a Friend: win Tonks" Filch Quiz

Question: What"s the point that Filch keeps in his office?Best Answer: ShacklesOk Answer: FireworksQuestion: Who was Caretaker before Filch?Best Answer: Rancorous CarpeOk Answer: apollyon PringleQuestion: What walk Filch love the most?Best Answer: granny NorrisOk Answer: ShacklesQuestion: Where walk he take holidays?Right Answer: he doesn"tQuestion: What"s Filch"s title?Right Answer: CaretakerQuestion: What"s The surname of Filch"s Cat?Right Answer: Ms. NorrisQuestion: who does Filch dislike the most?Right Answer: Peeves

NEW: Encounters v Tulip Carasu

Meal v a Friend: win Tulip"s problem Quiz

Question: Who is the ideal troublemaker?Best Answer: YouOk Answer: PeevesQuestion: Who need to you watch the end for?Best Answer: mr FilchOk Answer: Professor SnapeQuestion: What go Which potion helps with sneaking?Best Answer: Invisibility PotionOk Answer: Polyjuice PotionQuestion: What"s the worst punishment?Best Answer: obtaining ExpelledOK Answer: obtaining DetentionQuestion: Where have to you purchase jokes?Best Answer: Zonko"s hoax ShopOK Answer: HogsmeadeQuestion: Where deserve to you stash things?Right Answer: The Artefact RoomQuestion: What"s a proper prank device?Right Answer: Fanged Frisbees

NEW: Encounters v Andre

Meal v a Friend: beat Andre"s Fashion Quiz Answers

Question: Who"s a stylish wizard?Best Answer: Albus Dumbledore.Ok Answer: Gilderoy Lockhart.Question: What is timeless wizard garb?Best Answer: sharp hatsOk Answer: level robesQuestion: Who enforces clothes rules?Best Answer: pointed hatsOk Answer: plain robesQuestion: Who is the president of F.A.R.T.?Right Answer: Archie AymsloweQuestion: When did girlfriend buy clothes?Right Answer: ~ escaping the Devil"s SnareQuestion: What note rules because that public attire?Right Answer: global Statute the SecrecyQuestion: Where do I shop in Hogsmeade?Right Answer: Gladrags Wizardwear

NEW: Encounters through Barnaby

Meal through a Friend: to win Barnaby"s creature Quiz

Question: Which creature can speak?Best Answer: AcromantulaOk Answer: Jarvey.Question: Which creature can lay eggs?Best Answer: ChimaeraOk Answer: AugureyQuestion: Which creature deserve to fly?Best Answer: HippogriffOk Answer: SnallygasterQuestion: Name a optimal creature expert...Best Answer: Newt ScamanderOk Answer: Gulliver PokebyQuestion: Which biology is native Africa?Best Answer: PhoenixOk Answer: FwooperQuestion: Who specialization in dragons?Right Answer: A DragonologistQuestion: Which one renders the finest pet?Right Answer: Puffskein

NEW: Encounters through Bill

Meal with a Friend: phone call Bill around Your very first Year in ~ Hogwarts

Question: Who offered you residence Points?Best Answer: FlitwickOk Answer: DumbledoreQuestion: Where"d you go in Diagon Alley?Best Answer: Flourish and BlottsOk Answer: OllivandersQuestion: Who was your an initial enemy?Right Answer: MerulaQuestion: Where did friend duel Merula?Right Answer: The Clocktower CourtyardQuestion: exactly how did you discover the cursed ice?Right Answer: I complied with Snape and also FilchQuestion: How did girlfriend evade Mrs. Norris?Right Answer: With sleeping DraughtQuestion: Who to be your first friend here?Right Answer: Rowan

Meal v a Friend: Beat bills Gryffindor Quiz

Question: Who"s a renowned Gryffindor?Best Answer: James PotterOk Answer: Sirius BlackQuestion: Who"s our Head of House?Right Answer: Professor McGonagallQuestion: What"s top top our residence crest?Right Answer: A lionQuestion: Who"s our residence ghost?Right Answer: virtually Headless NickQuestion: Where is our usual Room?Right Answer: Gryffindor TowerQuestion: What perform you associate v us?Right Answer: CourageQuestion: Who to be our founder?Right Answer: Godric Gryffindor

NEW: Encounters through Charlie

Meal with a Friend: win Charlie"s Dragon Quiz

Question: Describe a Hungarian Horntail...Best Answer: It has actually a spiky tailOk Answer: the shoots fire as much as fifty feet.Question: Describe Norwegian Ridgebacks.Best Answer: They feeding on aquatic creaturesOk Answer: = They have actually spiny wingsQuestion: Describe a Chinese Fireball...

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Best Answer: its eggs are crimson.Ok Answer: that is spikes space golden.Question: Describe a Peruvian VipertoothBest Answer: They"re the the smallest dragons.Ok Answer: = lock eat humansQuestion: describe a Romanian LonghornBest Answer: It has actually dark eco-friendly scalesOk Answer: It has actually long, golden hornsQuestion: describe a Hebridean Black?Best Answer: the eats new venisonOk Answer: It has bat-like wingsQuestion: Describe a Ukrainian Ironbelly...Best Answer: It"s the biggest breed that dragonOk Answer: It has actually metallic grey scales

Encounters through Penny