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During vaginal sex the dick goes right into the vagina.Foreplay is important. It it s okay you both sexually aroused and ready so the vaginal sex is much more enjoyable for both partners.Having sex without a condom puts you and your companion at hazard of pregnancy and also sexually transmitted infections (STIs) consisting of HIV.Condoms are the best kind of protection versus unplanned pregnancy and STIs.For prophylactics to work successfully they must be in place prior to the penis touches or start the vagina.Discussing more secure sex is vital part of having sex.

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You might be thinking about having sex because that the an initial time and are not certain where come start. Or probably you want much more information on exactly how to make it pleasurable and safe?

Whatever your case here are answers to some usual questions around vaginal sex.

What is quality sex?

During vaginal sex (also known as penetrative quality sex, sex-related intercourse and just sex) the dick goes into the vagina.

If you clock movies or look at pornography friend may have a very unrealistic idea of what sex is like. There is no one right method of having vaginal sex. It have the right to be a very gentle, intimate suffer or a passionate, adventurous one and many various other things in between. Girlfriend can shot having sex yet you and also your companion would choose to.

How carry out you have vaginal sex?

What is foreplay?

Sometimes referred to as heavy petting, foreplay help to obtain both people sexually aroused (or rotate on) and ready because that vaginal sex. It deserve to involve kissing, stroking, caressing, rubbing, emotional or oral sex. Foreplay have to be enjoyable because that both partners. Some people pick to stick to foreplay and also not have actually penetrative sex.

If you room both ready to have actually vaginal sex, the much more aroused friend both are, the much easier it will certainly be for the prick to get in the vagina. You’ll understand you’re acquiring aroused as soon as the vagina begins to moisten and the cock becomes erect, gaining bigger and also harder.


We spent eras on foreplay, kissing, fingering and also lots of oral as it to be both the our very first times. Once we did decide to have actually sex, we used a condom and also lots the lube and he was really gentle, preserved asking me if he to be hurting me and how ns felt. The did hurt a bit, however not as much as i was expecting.

- May

When should I placed on a condom?

Once you are both aroused and also ready to have actually sex you have the right to put on an exterior (male) condom. This have the right to be excellent by either of you. You have the right to only put a condom on one erect penis, and you have to do this prior to the penis touches or start the vagina.

If you room using an interior (female) condom it have the right to be put in as much as eight hours before sex.

How do you gain the cock into the vagina?

When you room ready, among you can use your hand come gently overview the dick into the vagina. Take her time, and don’t concern if the takes a couple of goes to get it in appropriately – especially when you room still acquiring used to every other’s bodies.

Once the dick is inside, you have the right to move her bodies so the the cock pushes right into the vagina and then pulls partly out again. Do what come naturally and also feels an excellent - take it it slowly, it is in gentle and make sure you room both comfortable.

Remember that just due to the fact that you began something doesn’t mean you need to continue. Friend or her partner deserve to pause or stop at any kind of time if you space not comfortable with what you space doing.

Will i orgasm?

When you are an extremely aroused, tension builds increase in her body, the sexual push is climate released in a suddenly pleasurable rush called an orgasm, coming or climaxing. For females the most sensitive part of their body is the clitoris, a tiny bump just above the opened to the vagina. The is full of nerve end and very sensitive to touch. Many women need their clitoris to be created to have actually an orgasm. You can shot different positions because that vaginal sex that enable you to relocate your bodies in a means that rubs the clitoris. Some people choose for them or their companion to touch the clitoris during penetrative sex to wake up it.

For most guys the action involved in thrusting the penis in the vagina stimulates the nerve endings in the penis and causes them come orgasm.

Don’t concern if you don’t have actually an orgasm directly away or also at all. It takes time to get to know what works for you and also for her partner. Both men and women can enjoy vaginal sex even if it does not make castle climax.

What is the finest position for vaginal sex?

Different human being enjoy different things and there space many feasible options. One typical position is the ‘missionary position’, this entails the woman lying down, with the male lying or sitting on top. Alternatively, the woman deserve to be top top top, you have the right to both lie on her sides or you have the right to have quality sex indigenous behind (where the woman’s ago is turned in the direction of the man).

If you are having sex because that the very first time, select a place you both feeling comfortable with. As you get to understand each other’s bodies better, you can experiment with different positions and also work out what friend both like.

You may likewise want to experiment with sex playthings or having actually anal sex or dental sex. If friend do move from anal sex to quality sex you should put top top a new condom come make sure you perform not infect the vagina through bacteria. After ~ a if you can find specific movements, positions and also ways of emotional that bring about one or both that you having actually an orgasm. Don’t be too concerned if this doesn’t occur straight away or also at all. It takes time to gain to know what functions for girlfriend sexually – and for your partner – and sex deserve to be enjoyable even if it is you climax or not.

After sex

If you are using an outside (male) condom, friend should hold on come the condom once the prick is withdrawn come make sure it does no come off. Do not wait too long to withdraw, the cock should still be erect so that there is no danger of the condom slipping turn off or semen leaking out.

Sex myths and also sex facts

If a mrs is a virgin, will she always bleed the first time she has sex?

NO. part women execute bleed the an initial time they have sex and others don’t. Both space normal. The hymen is a thin piece of skin partly covering the enntrance gate to the vagina. If that hasn’t broken before, it usually breaks the an initial time a woman has vaginal sex, however other things deserve to make that break including strenuous exercise and also using tampons. If you continue to bleed every time you have sex climate it’s a great idea come speak to a healthcare skilled to check it’s nothing to problem about.

Can I gain pregnant the an initial time I have sex?

YES. It could be your an initial time, you might have your period, you can be in the bathtub or standing increase – yet you do it, if you have unprotected sex friend can get pregnant.

Can a virgin happen on STIs?

YES. even if someone has not had penetrative sex they might have had actually oral sex or may have actually contracted one STI with skin come skin contact.

If i wash ~ sex can I clean the semen away?

NO. Going because that a wee or trying come clean inside your vagina will not eliminate all the semen and also will not avoid you getting pregnant.

Can my companion withdraw his penis before he cums come make certain I don’t obtain pregnant?

NO. The ‘withdrawal’ or ‘pull-out’ technique won’t always stop pregnancy. This is due to the fact that some semen (cum) deserve to leak into the vagina prior to ejaculation.

Will it constantly hurt?

NO. It can take time to get used to exactly how sex feels. Part women uncover it a tiny uncomfortable or painful in ~ first, however the pain have to not it is in intense. If you space finding pains you must stop. Taking things slowly, making sure you are both totally aroused and using a water-based lubricant can assist make penetration an ext comfortable and also pleasurable. Don’t use oil-based lubricants choose baby oil or Vaseline due to the fact that they have the right to make the condom break. If you proceed to have pain throughout sex it might be a authorize that friend have an illness or epidemic so that is worth visiting a health clinic to gain checked out.

What room the risks of pregnancy, STIs and also HIV from quality sex?

Having quality sex without utilizing a condom, put you and also your companion at risk of an undesirable pregnancy and also sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV.

While there are countless different varieties of contraception to protect against pregnancy only prophylactics will additionally protect you and your partner from sexually transmitted epidemic (STIs) and HIV. Mental that no all STIs have apparent symptoms, so either of girlfriend may have an STI and not recognize it.

If one of you has HIV, is on medication and also has one undetectable viral pack it will certainly be impossible to pass on HIV throughout sex. If your partner has HIV but you don’t, you may want to take into consideration taking pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to avoid HIV infection, however be mindful that it only protects against HIV, not other STIs.

The obligation for protecting against pregnancy and also STIs must be shared in between you both. It’ a great idea to speak to each other about protection prior to you start having actually sex. Being safe should aid you both feel an ext relaxed and also make sex an ext enjoyable. If you find it too daunting or embarrassing to talk around safer sex, it might be a authorize that girlfriend aren’t all set to start having sex simply yet. That’s fine – remember that there are lots of ways to reap being together and also to explore your sex-related feelings until the time is right.

If you’ve had unprotected sex make certain you seek medical care advice as shortly as possible. You’ll be able to accessibility emergency contraception to stop unwanted pregnancy, and also if you are worried that you have actually been exposed to HIV, you have the right to take post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) to protect against HIV infection. You can also be experiment for various other STIs.

If you are having actually sex, the a good idea to get tested because that HIV and other STIs regularly. This will help keep you and any companion you have actually healthy.

Should I have vaginal sex?

Deciding even if it is to have actually sex is a very an individual thing. You might think the everyone around you is having actually sex yet that simply isn’t true. Part don’t enjoy it, others choose not to, and also some decision to wait. It’s essential that both human being are enthusiastic about having sex and that nobody feels pressured or forced into act anything lock don’t desire to do. Talk to her partner and keep connecting to make sure you have their consent. If you and your partner are keen and also relaxed, sex can be a really pleasurable experience for girlfriend both.

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The main things to think about are even if it is it feel right, and also whether you and your partner are both sure. Our short article ‘Am I prepared for sex?’ will assist you think around this. Friend may additionally find it beneficial to check out some that the personal stories world have shared with us around sex including first time sex.