The California city council did no say the \"when a gunman realizes that nobody else is armed, he will lay under his weapons and turn self in, that\"s person nature.\"

Published8 January 2015

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Senator Dianne Feinstein said \"when the gunman realizes the nobody else is armed, he will certainly lay under his weapons and turn self in, that\"s person nature.\"

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In February 2013, net site Palookaville short article published an short article (“Feinstein and Boxer ask Californians to Lay down Their Weapons throughout Statewide Manhunt”) containing an especially claim about a explain purportedly do by councilor Dianne Feinstein of California. According to writer “Jimmy Olsentwins,” Sen. Feinstein commented on the then-current standoff involving previous police officer Christopher Dorner by urging Californians to revolve in their weapons en masse:

Throughout the day, Senators Feinstein and Boxer made no hope pleas for your California constituents to revolve in your guns and not confront the crazed gunman because this would be a perfect check of your anti-gun proposals.

“The Senators feeling the best course of action is to remove all weapons from regulation enforcement and also private citizen so nobody else it s okay hurt,” said a Senate interactions intern. “When the gunman realizes that nobody rather is armed, he will certainly lay down his weapons and also turn self in … it is just human nature.”

Unfortunately because that those who have due to the fact that looked to determine the quote’s veracity, the Palookaville Post site is now defunct, and also the original write-up is therefore offline (save for archived versions).

Suffice it come say the Palookaville Post was a satirical website that released fake news, one instance of which to be the made-up story about Senators Feinstein and Boxer referenced above. Other examples of its occupational included posts claiming president Obama had granted self a $100,000 salary raise and an Oklahoma teacher had actually been fired for praying when a tornado hit her school.

If nothing else, the surname of the “reporter” bylined top top the story have to have given away that japing nature: “Jimmy Olsentwins” is a conflation that the name of the cub reporter that works in ~ the fictional Daily Planet newspaper in Superman comics and also the castle of actresses Mary-Kate Olsen and also Ashley Fuller Olsen, jointly known as the Olsen Twins.