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Braces can assist to act a selection of conditions that affect your teeth and also jaw. They use force to assist move your teeth and jaw into brand-new positions.

This pressure is used by an archwire that runs through brackets that have actually been attached come the surface of your teeth.

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If you have braces, it’s possible that you’ll should wear rubber bands in ~ some suggest during her treatment. Rubber bands work-related to apply extr force to details areas.

Below, we’ll define what the rubber bands do, when you may need to wear them, and also more.

What execute rubber bands execute for braces?

Rubber bands are used to boost the force that’s used to a particular area of her mouth. You may likewise see them referred to as elastics.

Rubber bands attach to the base on your braces and can be positioned in countless different conformations. They’re attached and secured using little metal hooks on the bracket.

There are several things that rubber bands execute for braces. They’re frequently used to help change different varieties of misaligned jaw, such as:

They may likewise be used with braces come help change spacing between teeth or to adjust the placing of teeth, such as helping come straighten a this that’s leaning backward.

Types of elastics in braces

The varieties of rubber bands used for braces space diverse and can it is in categorized in several ways.


Rubber bands are classified through the lot of force that they have the right to exert. Normally speaking, there are three force categories:


Force is measure up in ounces (oz) or grams (g). The exact amount of force exerted in each force category may differ by manufacturer.


Rubber bands come in different sizes together well. The size is the measure of the diameter, generally in fractions of an inch.

The rubber band size that’s offered depends on how far it needs to large in order to work effectively.


Rubber bands have the right to be made of two various materials: latex and also synthetic. Latex bands are often used, together they’re extremely flexible and also inexpensive come produce. However, artificial bands deserve to be offered for civilization that have a latex allergy.

Some research suggests that latex bands may exert more stable pressure over time than artificial bands. Because that example, a small 2018 study compared 15 world using both latex and synthetic bands. Latex bands were an ext stable end a 24-hour period than artificial bands.


Rubber bands can additionally be classified based on why they’re being used. Some typical uses that you might hear around include:

Class I: Positioned horizontally, linking base on one of your jaws. They deserve to be provided to aid close spaces in between your teeth.Class II: connect teeth top top your upper jaw to the molars the your lower jaw. They deserve to be used to correct excess overjet, typically called an overbite. This is the gap between front upper and lower teeth once biting down.Class III: affix teeth top top your lower jaw come the molars on your upper jaw. They have the right to be supplied to correct an underbite.Vertical: attach teeth on your upper jaw with the teeth listed below them top top the reduced jaw. They deserve to be supplied to exactly an open bite.Cross: connect teeth in your upper and lower jaw, frequently crossing over your front teeth. They’re supplied to correct a crossbite.

Over time, rubber bands shed their elasticity. This way that the force they exert on her teeth and jaw will begin to decrease.

Because of this, rubber bands need to be changed, regularly multiple times in a day. Your orthodontist will certainly let friend know exactly how when and also how regularly you should adjust your rubber bands.

The complete amount that time that rubber bands are offered on her braces relies on your therapy plan. Some civilization may only should use rubber bands for a couple of weeks, while others may use them for months.

Can you eat through rubber bands on her braces?

Generally speaking, many world that wear rubber bands with their braces wear castle almost every one of the time, back some might only have to wear them at night.

You may have the ability to remove her rubber bands temporarily in order come eat, an especially if the way they’re arranged makes eating difficult. Girlfriend can likewise typically eliminate your rubber bands in the interim in order to brush and floss.

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Be sure to talk v your orthodontist around when it’s appropriate for your rubber bands to be removed.