In the television series Supernatural the is claimed that ~ above death, demons go earlier to hell and vampires and other creatures walk to purgatory. Where execute angels go when they die?


Actually it"s never stated that demons go back to hell when castle die. They carry out go back to hell as soon as they"re exorcised, and since yellow eye was killed we haven"t watched him except for flashbacks and also such. Vampires and also pretty lot all other monsters walk to purgatory when they die. It"s never stated if angels go anywhere when they die, I believe they merely stop existing completely.

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In season 8 we view Dean kill some vampires in purgatory, it"s suspect that once you dice in purgatory you avoid existing.



This is comparable to how we don"t understand where demons go, or where someone eliminated in Purgatory goes.

We recognize when they die they don"t go ago to heaven (which was apparent from the on-going battle in heaven). We understand that beings have the right to only walk to Purgatory if they have a soul. However, indigenous The male Who would Be King:

CASTIEL You want to make a deal? v me? I"m one Angel, girlfriend ass. I don"t have a spirit to sell.

So, castle can"t walk to Purgatory.

Therefore, at the of sound a small wishy-washy, the angels walk somewhere, and God has actually the capacity to lug them back. Wherein that somewhere is, what the demands are to gain there, and also how they acquire back, is a finish unknown.


It is never said wherein Angels go. The exact same with Demons however all superordinary beings except for Ghosts walk to Purgatory. I"m pretty sure Ghosts walk to sky or avoid existing every together. Now, once you death something in Purgatory, I believe it just stops existing every together.



As introduced in season 11: lock both (angels and demon) go to the empty.

The empty is a void the existed before God or the Darkness. The serves together an immortality for angels and also demons, whereby they sleep for eternity.


It"s not clear yet. Misha think they"re simply gone yet there must be some type of loophole (See here). I think God must have actually some manage over it, together he lugged Cas back.

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Well, demons can"t avoid existing because Death claimed that souls deserve to be twisted tossed and turned, but never broken, not even by him. So souls can"t be destroyed. Demons have actually souls, they probably corrupted, yet they are still souls. Ns think maybe they walk to Purgatory when they die, due to the fact that in Gods eyes they are most likely monsters. And also monsters have poisoned souls, Eve placed a monstrous virus in their body and soul. And Leviathans have no souls, since they space older 보다 souls (said for this reason by death) so I choose to think the purgatory is the location of the soulless and corrupted soul. God gave humans souls so that they can go what after death. So to go to sky or hell when you die, you require a pure soul. Now in this situation pure doesn"t mean good or righteous, it way not contaminated. Demons have corrupted souls, so they walk to purgatory. God probably gave Angels grace, not only for power, but so they can go somewhere when they die besides purgatory. Lock don"t have souls, for this reason god offered them elegant to take it them come a special location for angels.I believe God made the so that as soon as Angels take out their grace, or have it taken out, they gain as soul, therefore they go to heaven (or hell) not purgatory. So if Sam had died when he had no soul, he would have actually gone come purgatory.