Braces – i beg your pardon consist of brackets attached come the teeth v dental adhesive and also flexible wires i m sorry are hosted into the braces with coloured or clear plastic modules – occupational by gently using pressure come the this to progressively move them into the exactly position. In some cases, orthodontic elastics (sometimes known as rubber bands) are provided to apply extr pressure in a certain direction to relocate individual teeth or groups of teeth and also are generally used to enhance your bite.

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What is the purpose of braces elastic bands?

In orthodontics, rubber bands are regularly used come align your bite and are very important in the bite-fixing step of treatment. These bands stretch over tiny hooks top top the top and bottom of your braces or over small clear buttons attached come a couple of teeth if you are wearing clean aligners. If worn consistently, these small elastics will apply the stable pressure essential to guide teeth right into the correct position. No every child who gets braces will need elastics, together it counts on the child’s existing jaw alignment and what the orthodontist recommends to the patient and their parents based upon the models that the teeth and the encourage treatment.

These elastics are usually crafted native medical-grade latex, i m sorry is safe to it is in in call with her mouth, but latex totally free options space also easily accessible – and no, they space not typical elastic bands or hair bands!

Your orthodontist will show how come wear the elastics so it will shortly become second nature to replace them.

What are the different types of elastics because that braces?

There are many different species of elastics the your orthodontist might recommend because that you or your boy throughout their treatment period. This includes:

Class i Elastics

– course 1 elastics are provided to close the gap in between teeth. This elastics run from the upper 1st or second molar hook come the top cuspid hook.

Class II Elastics

– class 2 elastics are provided to alleviate an overjet by retracting the upper teeth and also moving the lower teeth forward.

Class III Elastics

– class 3 elastics are used to exactly an underbite by retracting lower teeth and advancing top teeth.

Elastics dos and don’ts

DO – acquire in the habit the carrying about extra elastics and replace castle as soon as possible if one breaks or is lost. By repetitively wearing the elastics you will ensure that your orthodontic treatment is always progressing.

DON’T – double up on elastics (unless mentioned by the orthodontist) as this may reason too lot pressure top top the tooth or teeth and also can actually harm the root of the tooth.

DO – always wash your hands before removing or instead of the elastics.

DON’T – Overstretch the rubber tape or that will shed its strength and it will certainly be ineffective.

DO – contact your orthodontist if you operation out of these bands. Her orthodontist will certainly normally provide you v plenty of elastics to keep you stocked up and also will happily carry out you with more if needed. Make keep in mind of the form of elastics you room wearing (they have various names and also sizes on the packet) for this reason you understand what come ask because that if you operation out.


How to placed elastics on her braces?

The an initial thing you must do is ask her orthodontist for instructions on exactly how to use your elastics based on your distinctive treatment needs and also the malocclusion the or she is trying to correct.Rubber bands room usually attached come the hooks on braces so ensure you recognize the various parts of your braces prior to attempting to use these bands (ask her orthodontist because that instructions if friend think that will certainly help)Change your rubber bands together instructed by your orthodontist and ensure you room wearing them because that the correct amount the time to ensure the required pressure is applied. The bands might need to be changed more than 3 times a day, depending on your bite.Attend your continuous orthodontic appointments to ensure her treatment continues to be on track and the important elastic adjustments take it place

Do rubber bands on braces hurt?

It’s regular to feel part discomfort once using rubber bands through your braces.
This is since these bands place added pressure on her teeth and jaws to ensure they move right into the exactly position. This pain must not last long. But if you desire some relief from discomfort, friend should try to drink cold water or take over-the-counter ache relief medicine such as instructed. If you proceed to feel pain or discomfort, its finest to speak to your specialist orthodontist who will certain the rubber bands room fitted properly and also pain is minimised.

How long do you must wear her elastic bands?

The total amount the time elastics have to be worn will differ from patient to patient. This can range from 2 months to much more than a year, depending upon the severity of her malocclusion and the adjustments that must take location to align your bite. It’s vital to wear your elastics full time to ensure your treatment continues to be on track and also completion is not delayed. Unless specified differently by her orthodontist, the just time to eliminate your elastics is as soon as brushing her teeth, eating and also when instead of old elastics with brand-new ones. During your orthodontic appointments, her specialist orthodontist will display you exactly how to affix the elastics to her braces or aligners to ensure the ideal final therapy result. Regular and consistent elastic wear as prescribed will ensure your therapy is completed in a stylish manner.

Can girlfriend eat v elastics on your braces?

You need to wear her elastics constantly, also when you’re eating. However if her rubber bands are really obtaining in the way, you deserve to remove them for a short period of time, and replace lock with brand-new elastics right after your meal. Removing your elastics because that an extended period of time might be detrimental come your therapy so make sure the elastics are attached to her braces as regularly as possible.

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How to uncover an orthodontist

If you are confident in your family dentist you can ask them to refer you to their wanted local orthodontist so that you can rest assured that they’ll have the ability to work collaboratively come ensure the ongoing wellness of her teeth. Alternatively, you can use our online device to aid you uncover a registered professional orthodontist in your area. Every one of the ASO members shown in the individual directory have completed their specialist orthodontist training and also are registered with the Australian wellness Practitioners Regulation agency (AHPRA), therefore you deserve to be confident in their ability to market a high level of orthodontic care.