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Pure Wheat Germ Oil


Ever wondered what is Wheat Germ oil? 100% pure Wheat Germ oil is obtained from the germ (the reproductive part) the the wheat kernel (seed). That is widely supplied in the cosmetic industry and also even in the cook industry. Wheat Germ oil benefits and uses are numerous given its high linoleic acid and also vitamin E content. Get your 100% pure Wheat Germ oil this particular day from mass Apothecary in ~ the most competitive price online!

Get to know Our 100% Pure Wheat Germ Oil

Country that Origin: Europe, ArgentinaSource that Oil: Germ the Wheat SeedForm: LiquidColor: golden YellowNatural: YesPurity: 100%Additives: NoExtraction Method: Cold PressedRefinement Status: RefinedOrganic Certified: No

100% Pure Wheat Germ Oil Benefits and also Uses

Disclaimer: The information noted is general and also should no be take away as medical advice. Neither mass Apothecary or connected business reality guarantee the accuracy that the information. You re welcome consult her doctor, especially if being used during pregnancy, before using our 100% pure Wheat Germ oil. You are additionally encouraged to test the product come ensure that it meets her needs, before using because that mass production.

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The services of 100% pure Wheat Germ oil room numerous, given its herbal chemical composition. Right here are a few ways that 100% pure Wheat Germ oil is used!

Wheat Germ oil deserve to be a potential additive in hair and skin treatment products such together soaps, lotions, and also lip balms. It provides a good carrier oil and is an extremely lightweight.

Many food products can use 100% pure Wheat Germ oil together an additive.

10 reviews
5 Súper for her skin

post by Liz on 15th Nov 2017

Must try

5 Vitamin E for steeds

post by Butch Williford on 11th Jun 2017

I chose this product for the top quality of the oil. I have actually looked for others the were 100% wheat germ oil yet all I discovered were blends using soybean oil or other oils come blend. I use the oil to enhance the horses everyday ration due to the fact that they carry out not get sufficient Vitamin E native the pasture. I decided wheat germ oil because it derived from plants.

5 good Oil, an excellent Price!

post by Ellen on 30th Mar 2017

So glad mass Apothecary dead this oil! Can't wait to use it in CP soap and also, making use of it because that a irradiate sunscreen! appreciate the rapid shipping!!!

5 how amazing impressed.

post by julie on 11th Feb 2017

I have had this wheat germ oil in mine refrigerator for a couple of months. I read so countless reviews from other suppliers saying it was thick, necessary to it is in diluted and also kind of a strong odor..I opened this and also was surprised the none that the over was true. I'm happy yet confused. Is this specific oil combined with another carrier oil? Why is the so different than ns is a an excellent oil though....

5 an excellent

posted by PHYLLIS on 29th Jul 2016

CAN'T to win THE PRICE OR quality HERE.

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5 wonderful

posted by Unknown on 7th Oct 2015

This oil is give my product a shine that look like a soft softens my skin wonderfully.

5 Love This Oil!

post by CandyBo on 12th Aug 2015

Was pleasantly surprised when i received this party of Wheat Germ Oil. That does not have very much the a smell and also is light colored; not thick and strong odored like i have actually been reading about. I favor the method that it feels on my skin, non-greasy and also absorbs well. I am really happy with my purchase. Say thanks to You

5 great Product especially for Sunscreen!!!

posted by Jessica Rollo-Smith on fifth Aug 2015

As through the other oils I have actually purchased here, the top quality of the wheatgerm oil is exceptional. I have actually used this oil in my homemade waterproof sunscreen and homemade whipped body butter sunscreen due to the fact that it has actually such a high organic SPF (wheatgerm oil has a natural SPF the 20!!). I had trouble recognize the oil, yet I should have actually known to come below first. Thanks for the high quality and selection of commodities you provide!

5 Love this

post by Unknown ~ above 29th Jun 2015