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Lactuca virosa grows together a biennial, irpari stalk stemming native a large brown taproot. That starts together a short rosette in ~ first, yet extends with age, typically measuring up to four feet in height. It is a wild relative of lactuca sativa, which has the group of cultivars that are commonly used in salads. Virosa, one of several types known together wild lettuce, is sometimes used in salads too. However it is fairly bitter and therefore much less palatable. All wild lettuce species have this quality, however it has actually been bred out of lactuca sativa over numerous years that cultivation. More so than an edible, virosa was supplied by doctors as a medicinal, an especially a sedative. The tree exudes a sticky, off-white latex as soon as damaged. Used as tincture, drank in tea or eaten as dried latex balls, wild lettuce was supplied to act restlessness and also insomnia, coughs, colic, hyperactivity and also pain. Its impacts are the an outcome of lactucopicrin and also lactucin. The is still offered by plenty of herb shops today, although the top quality seems to vary much. New herb or freshly gathered latex is probably more reliable.

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Growing information: Lactuca virosa prefers sandy or loamy soils yet is not an especially picky. You can start your seed indoors in the early spring to gain a head begin on the growing season. Tree your seeds on the surface ar of your potting mixture and just barely cover them with soil. Cover the pots through saran wrap until germination begins. They deserve to be transplanted as soon as they room a few inches. This is finest off gift done before the temperatures acquire too hot. Seeds can additionally be sown directly outdoors. Yet they room made to be brought by wind so girlfriend may lose a few if you have solid winds. To protect against this, make certain the soil continues to be moist so the will host together. These plants prefer complete sun. They room not frost tender and also will return the adhering to year.

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