I have always been a fitness freak. As soon as I’m not running, I do Pilates and also HIIT workouts in ~ home. The other day, mine husband and also I to be painting and did a lot of squatting. The next day, ns felt so much tension in my legs i wondered how it could be feasible considering just how much ns exercise. I determined to find out what i did wrong and also which activity will produce tension in the legs. What I uncovered was an eye-opener.

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It turns out that points we execute every day can actually put push on our legs and make them feel tense or worked out. These room the top tasks that create tension in the legs.


Squatting is always one the the an initial exercises recommended to get solid legs. Together a runner, I perform a most squatting and also really believe in that power. What i didn’t establish is due to the fact that of the number of muscles affiliated in the exercise, soreness and also tension in the foot is expected. (1)

The top legs and also glutes space two the the most influenced muscle groups however tension may take place in various other parts the the leg together well. If performed v the proper technique, possibilities of experiencing stress and anxiety reduce.

This defines why mine squatting resulted in so lot tension - ns was squatting in aer positions. I wasn’t in a consistent squat but had to adjust to obtain to the areas I necessary to paint.


Generally speaking, as soon as your muscles are stuck in a fixed place for prolonged periods the time, lock will end up being stiff. Sitting is among the very first culprits as soon as it comes to feeling stress in the legs. If you work at a desk job and sit most of the day, the blood circulation in her legs decreases causing them to become numb or stiff.

If friend are prefer me that is an extremely active however happen to sit for extended periods of time, this could be the cause of her leg tension.

Although standing is generally far better than sitting, it still isn’t appropriate for her muscles. Standing in one location puts her legs under a many pressure. Calve muscles readjust constantly to assist you store your balance and over a long period of time, can gain tired and stiffen up. (4)

Another reason why standing can cause tension is due to the fact that your feet lug all your weight when you stand. Plenty of end increase waking up with sore feet after standing because that a long time.

In enhancement to the push on her feet, standing additionally causes pooling of blood because your love cannot efficiently pump blood up her legs.


This was a surprising discovery for me. Not drinking enough water can actually cause muscle stiffness. The factor is because muscles call for a the majority of electrolytes the are uncovered in water. These electrolytes help transfer assignment from your muscles to her nervous system and also vice versa.

When your muscles lose water, blood flow is lessened which makes the muscle weak. Also, dehydrated muscles lose flexibility and elasticity which do them more vulnerable come tears and also strains.

Thinking back, i bet this to be one cause of my muscle tension. I was so focused on painting, ns forgot to continue to be hydrated.

I always thought that the an ext I usage my muscles by working out intensely, the much less likely they space to acquire stiff. Ns was terribly wrong. A problem called delay Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) can be felt together muscle stiffness native 24-72 hours after eccentric exercise. Because that example, to run downhill can cause the condition. (6)

Although the exact cause is debatable, countless researchers agree the it is led to by the small raptures in ~ the muscle. The microscope tears in the connective tissue and surrounding muscle develop muscle stiffness.

Usually, massaging the right trigger point can aid alleviate the stiffness.

The an excellent news is all these cause are really preventable. Sometimes we simply absence accurate information and have details beliefs that work against us. Ns don’t want any type of of friend to have to go v the stiffness I skilled for days. Right here are 5 tips to assist prevent muscle tension in the legs.

I think every runner have to do squats. Not just do lock strengthen her legs but greatly assist you come keep ideal running form. The secret is to do them correctly. Here are some points to avoid: (7)

Do not:


If you cannot escape sitting for expanded hours, there room some an excellent things you do to shot and keep your legs from coming to be stiff. (9)

Do 15 elbow curls. Raise her arms come shoulder height, touch her knuckles to your temples and also squeeze her shoulder chisels together.
Do 15 earlier stretches. host your eight shoulder length straight in front of you, lace your fingers together and also lower the eight to your lap

Instead of was standing in one position, consider pacing earlier and forth. Walking distributes the burden of your body weight to much more muscle teams including the calves, arms, and also buttocks. Speed also allows your muscles to rest due to the fact that weight is change from one foot to another.

Choosing the best sandals when walking is likewise important. This is particularly true if you have a condition such together plantar fascia which calls for special footwear.


Staying character language especially throughout physical task may sound easy, however it is challenging. I have actually the habit of drink water whenever i feel thirsty. If friend are prefer me, the time because that a change.

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It turns out that basing ours water intake on our body signals will not be enough. Here are part tips we have the right to all use: (10)

Make sure you consume 91oz (2.6L) of fluid per day if you room a female and 125oz (3.7L) if you space male
​Remember that just 20% of your liquid intake have to be from fruits. Encompass watermelons, strawberries etc in her diet
​Only usage a sports drink if you practice for much more than 1 hour. Make certain the drink contains sodium, potassium, and also carbs.