In 2016, basically every adult consumer is at least acquainted with mobile messaging. And while a lot of the discussion surrounding mobile messaging and also business happens in regards come SMS, MMS gift an equally an effective opportunity. If friend haven’t honed in ~ above this alternative yet, you may be lacking out.

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What is MMS?


MMS stands for Multimedia messaging Service and also is one of two standard forms of mobile message (SMS is the other). And also while both MMS and also SMS involve the sending and receiving of a post via a mobile phone, the former is distinctly various than the latter.

In enhancement to sending out a text, an MMS blog post can likewise include sounds, images, and videos. It’s also possible to send one MMS article from a smartphone to a traditional email address. The various formats that deserve to be embedded into an MMS message encompass text (formatted with miscellaneous fonts and colors), audio (MP3 and MIDI), pictures (JPEG and GIF), and video clip (MPEG).

The very first MMS qualified phones were introduced approximately 2002 in conjunction through the an initial GSM network. The Sony Ericsson T68i is widely thought to be the first MMS capable cell phone, when many more hit north American markets beginning in 2004 and 2005.

MMS messaging obtained off to a sluggish start, yet has conveniently scaled end the past couple of years. By the end of this year, research suggests the variety of MMS messages (worldwide) will reach an approximated 276.8 billion.

In other words, businesses must pay attention to MMS. The development in this area that mobile communications is staggering, and also you want to ensure you’re continuing to be up come date and also relevant.

Comparing MMS with SMS

Since MMS and also SMS space the 2 primary means of cell phone messaging, countless within sales, marketing, and customer service are interested to learn an ext about exactly how they compare and contrast.

As formerly mentioned, the biggest difference in between the two mobile message technologies requires the distinct capabilities. Vice versa, SMS is booked for sending 160 personality “text” messages, MMS can send much much longer “multimedia” messages.

In a human being that’s overcame by social media and also visuals, MMS obviously has actually some distinctive advantages. If a picture is worth a thousand words – when a text blog post is just worth 160 personalities – you deserve to conclude that sending out videos and also images is exponentially an ext valuable than merely sending a couple lines of text.

But you can’t just look at the an innovation when compare the two. You also have to think about the cost. Because MMS is a much much more advanced technology, it likewise comes through a higher price tag. You’re basically paying a premium for being maybe to incorporate multimedia elements. For plenty of businesses, this premium is fine worth it.

3 Potential uses of MMS for her Biz

You’ll have to determine for her own organization whether or no MMS has a place in your mobile engagement strategy moving forward. In a human being where the variety of text messages and also minutes that talk space declining and also MMS messages are at the same time rising, it’s clever to at least take into consideration how this medium can be used. Right here are a couple of specific ways companies are leveraging MMS:

Customer Support

In extremely technical industries, MMS is being used to assist customer support. As Meredith Flynn-Ripley, CEO the HeyWire Business, said, “Contact centers space playing catch-up to your customers’ desired channel of mobile, which brings flexibility and also responsiveness uneven voice calling and also emails.”

Take, for example, a company that sells computer system hardware. As soon as a customer has actually an issue, it’s incredibly daunting for castle to explain the problem over the phone and have the customer organization representative fully understand what’s happening and also relay the appropriate solution. However, MMS messaging opens up up an entirely brand-new set that possibilities. The customer deserve to now take a picture of the issue, send it, and receive situation-specific solutions.

But the not just tech carriers that space using MMS. Insurance suppliers are additionally finding it advantageous when dealing with claims. A driver have the right to now send photos of one accident directly to your agent to speed up the claims process after a vehicle wreck. It’s small things like this that are transforming the way customer assistance is approached.

Marketing Materials

Since MMS traditionally enjoys such an impressive open rate – somewhere between 95-99 percent by many accounts – it makes sense that businesses would use MMS message to send out marketing materials. If SMS can additionally be used, MMS enables for traditional graphics, logos, and visuals. It’s an exceptionally efficient method to raising marketing exposure.

Highly an individual Communication

Today’s consumer has to be conditioned to intend personalization. For smaller sized businesses without bottomless marketing budgets, this deserve to be an issue. It prices a most money to personalize everything. Well, MMS can level the play field.

Using MMS, you deserve to send the end occasional message to individual customers. How cool would it be for one of your client to obtain a personalized video clip from the CEO wishing lock a happy birthday? Or what if your sales department sent visual give thanks to you notes to new customers? These room things a customer no forget the following time they make a purchase.

Contact Today

MMS is something friend don’t want to leave out of your mobile engagement strategy. It combines the immediacy that SMS with the included power of immersive audio, video, and visual capabilities. The an outcome is one extremely an effective and modern-day medium of interaction that’s seen as more attractive and also engaging top top the receiving end.

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For additional information onrunning united state MMS projects – or any type of of our other mobile messaging options – you re welcome don’t hesitate to contact us today. We would certainly love to placed you in touch with among our knowledgeable team members that can far better explain how MMS would certainly fit in with your current interactions strategy.