21 Multiple choice QuestionsQuestionsWhat component of a neuron is responsible because that receiving information?a. Axonb. Terminal fibrec. Dendrited. Myelin sheathElectrical stimulation that the reticular formation would most likely reason an pet to:a. Sneezeb. Come to be blindc. Wake up if it had been sleepingd. Prevent breathingIn evolution terms, which is the oldest part of the brain?a. The limbic systemb. The cortexc. The right hemisphered. The brain stemThe readjust in electric charge that occurs in a neuron when a nerve advertise is transmitted is recognized as the:a. Action potentialb. Synaptic changec. Refractory periodd. Ionic chargeSchizophrenia and also Parkinson’s an illness are both connected to changes in which neurotransmitter?a. Serotoninb. Glutamatec. Dopamined. AcetylcholineThe limbic system includes the:a. Amygdala, hypothalamus, hippocampusb. Hypothalamus, medulla, hippocampusc. Hippocampus, pons, thalamusd. Cerebellum, pons, hypothalamusThe ________ is to feeling are afraid as the ________ is to emotion pleasure.a. Pons/medullab. Amygdala/hypothalamusc. Thalamus/hypothalamusd. Cerebellum/amygdalaThe impact of neurotransmitters may be:a. Chemical or electricalb. Excitatory or inhibitoryc. Confident or negatived. Active or passiveThe terminal buttons the a neuron are situated at the end of its:a. Axonb. Dendritec. Myelin sheathd. Nodes of ranvierWhich lobe is many closely associated with intuitive processing?a. Frontalb. Temporalc. Parietald. OccipitalCommunication in ~ neurons is ______, communication between neurons is________.a. Excitatory, inhibitoryb. Inhibitory, excitatoryc. Chemical, electricald. Electrical, chemicalWhich of the adhering to is no a lobe the the brain?a. Frontalb. Dorsalc. Parietald. TemporalA human who is drunk may have challenge walking in a right line since the alcoholhas affected their:a. Thalamusb. Reticular formationc. Amygdalad. CerebellumNeurotransmitters lug signals throughout the ________ ________.a. Refractory gapb. Axonal gapc. Synaptic gapd. Hippocampal gapThe poison curare is a(n) ________ because that the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.a. Antagonistb. Protagonistc. Agonistd. CureDamage come the hippocampus is most most likely to impair:a. Memoryb. Balancec. Sleepd. BreathingWhich part of the limbic device is connected in one animal’s emotion of hunger?a. Thalamusb. Ponsc. Hippocampusd. HypothalamusThe ________ ________ consists of glands that secrete hormones:a. Nervous systemb. Immune systemc. Endocrine systemd. Cerebral cortexTestosterone is to ________ together estrogen is to ________.a. Thyroid, parathyroidb. Testes, ovariesc. Sympathetic, parasympatheticd. Pancreas, pituitaryWhat execute we call the great of fatty tissue surrounding the axon of some neurons?a. Cutaneous coatingb. Myelin sheathc. Dendritic barrierd. Synaptic sleeveIn the context of mind imaging, what go FMRI was standing for?a. Fast moving restore imagingb. An initial moveable recording indicatorc. Flexible motion resistance indicatord. Functional magnetic resonance imagingWhich lobe is mostly responsible for hearing and also language?a. Temporalb. Parietalc. Frontald. OccipitalAfter a automobile accident, Rhodri had actually a many of challenge planning his day. This is most likely theresult of damage to i beg your pardon lobe?a. Temporalb. Parietalc. Frontald. OccipitalWhich area the the brain-stem controls heart rate and also breathing?a. Reticular formationb. Medullac. Ponsd. ThalamusWhich structure allows communication in between the hemispheres?a. Reticular formationb. Temporal lobec. Contralateral bridged. Body callosumWhich component of the endocrine device is sometimes called the “master gland”?a. Adrenal glandb. Pancreasc. Pituitary glandd. Pineal glandWhich that the following is NOT part of the endocrine system?a. Ponsb. Pancreasc. Parathyroidd. Pineal glandWhere would certainly you see the nodes of Ranvier?a. On one axonb. In the cell bodyc. ~ above a dendrited. A and cThe brain’s capability to change in solution to experience or damage is called:a. Lateralizationb. Lesioningc. Neuroplasticityd. FunctionalityWhich is the most typical neurotransmitter in the brain?a. Serotoninb. Glutamatec.

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