This could be the largest. But, in the options, we can see that there room numbers better than 39. For this reason we inspect for the next natural number.

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So for x = 2

3x(13) =32× 13 = 117


We know,

3x+ 3x + 1+ 3x + 2= 3x+ (3x)(3) + (3x)(32) = 3x(1 + 3 + 9) = 3x(13)

Now, we have the right to see that the result expression is a lot of of 3 and 13.

So, permit us examine from the alternatives which is the biggest multiple of both 3 and 13.

As we have the right to see, 117 is the largest multiple the 3and 13.

∴ The largest divisor that the provided expression from the given alternatives is117.

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