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Which is no true about differences in between goods andservices?

A) services are usually produced and consumedsimultaneously; tangible goods are not.B) services tend come be much more knowledge-based 보다 goods.

C) solutions tend to have actually a more inconsistent productdefinition than goods.

D) items tend tohave higher customer interaction than services.

E) Reselling is unusual in services; goods often have someresidual value.

Which the the following are the primary functions of allorganizations?

A) production/operations, marketing, and human sources

B) marketing, person resources, and finance/accounting

C) sales, top quality control, and production/operations

D) marketing,production/operations, and finance/accounting

E) research and also development, finance/accounting, andpurchasing

Which that the following features is most common of aservice?

A) manufacturing andconsumption take place simultaneously

B) tangible

C) mass manufacturing

D) consistency

E) simple to automate

4) which of the complying with are amongst the 10 strategicoperations monitoring decisions? I. Style ofgoods and services

II. Managingquality

III. Layoutstrategy

IV. Marketing

V. Pricing ofgoods and also services

A) I, II, V




E) every one of the above

The Dulac box plant produce 500 cypress pack boxes intwo 10-hour shifts. What is the performance of the plant?

A) 25 boxes/hr.

B) 50 boxes/hr.

C) 5000 boxes/hr.

D) 0.04boxes/hr.

E) 250 boxes/hr.

A foundry produces circular utility access hatches (manholecovers). Currently, 120 covers are created in a 10-hour shift. If laborproductivity can be enhanced by 20%, it would then be:

A) 14.4 covers/hr.

B) 24 covers/hr.

C) 240 covers/hr.

D) 1200 covers/hr.

E) 10 covers/hr.

Which that the complying with nets the largest productivityimprovement once productivity is greater than 1?

A) rise output 15%

B) diminish input15%

C) boost both output and also input by 5%

D) boost output 10%, decrease intake 3%

E) decrease entry 10%, rise output 3%

Operations monitoring is applicable:

A) mainly to the business sector.

B) to services exclusively.

C) mostly to the production sector.

D) to every firms,whether manufacturing or service.E) to the manufacturing sector exclusively.

Which of the adhering to is no a strategy operationsmanagement decision?

A) supply chain

B) price

C) layout design

D) quality

E) list

Which of the complying with is a similarity in between goods andservices?

A) mass manufacturing

B) consistency

C) automation

D) Both have qualitystandards.

E) Both have the right to usually be maintained in inventory.

Which that the following is the very least likely to it is in a low-costleadership competitive advantage?

A) short overhead

B) effective capacity usage

C) inventory monitoring

D) wide productline

E) mass production

Given the place of the 3D printer in the development stage ofits life cycle, i m sorry of the following OM Strategy/Issues must the devices of3D printers it is in least concerned with in ~ the current time?

A) forecasting

B) expense cutting

C) enhancing capacity

D) product and process reliability

E) enhancing distribution

Which of the complying with statements around organizationalmissions is FALSE?

A) they reflect a company"s purpose.

B) They show what a firm intends to add tosociety.

C) castle areformulated ~ strategies space known.

D) They specify a company"s reason for existence.

E) They administer guidance for practical area missions.

Which that the following strategic concepts enable firms toobtain compete advantage?

A) productivity, efficiency, and also quality leadership

B) differentiation,cost leadership, and response

C) differentiation, quality leadership, and solution

D) distinctive competency, expense leadership, and also experience

E) differentiation, distinctive competency, qualityleadership, and also capacity

Which the the complying with does NOT stand for a valid reasonfor globalizing operations?

A) reduce costs

B)improve the supply chain

C) mitigate responsiveness

D) attract worldwide talent

E) understand sectors

Which that the following is the finest example of contending onlow-cost leadership?

A) A certain producesits product with less raw material waste 보다 its rivals do.

B) A firm offers much more reliable commodities than itscompetitors do.

C) A firm"s products are introduced into the market fasterthan that is competitors" assets are.

D) A firm"s study and advancement department generatesmany principles for new products.E) A firm advertises more than its competitors do.

Advantages that outsourcing do NOT include:

A) cost savings.

B) gaining exterior expertise.

C) keeping a focus on main point competencies.

D) accessing external technology.

E) potentialcreation that future competition.

Which that the adhering to OM strategy/issues need to a firmwith a product in the maturity phase of that life cycle it is in LEAST pertained to withat the present time?

A) boost capacity

B) lengthy production runs

C) standardization

D) expense cutting

E)fewer fast product alters

An work manager is performing a factor-ratinganalysis to aid her pick an outsourcing provider. She is focusing on threefactors: A, B, and C, through weights of .50, .20, and .30, respectively. She hasscored one potential outsourcer, Ling Services, on each of the components using ascale that 10-50. Ling Services received a score of 30 for aspect A, 46 forfactor B, and 22 for factor C. What is the factor-rating score for LingServices?

A) 98.0 B)32.7 C) 21.8

D) 29.2 E) 30.8

A agency is picking an external firm to provide itspayroll services. It has chosen 4 comparative category of interest: clientreviews, jae won condition, that capabilities, and also government stability. Thesecategories have been assigned weights that 30%, 10%, 20%, and 40%, respectively.Three potential companies were scored on each of those factors (see tablebelow) utilizing a scale of 1-10, v a score that 1 an interpretation worst feasible and 10meaning finest possible. Using the factor-rating method, i m sorry provider should bechosen? Why?

Provider A: 2(.3) + 8(.1) + 5(.2)+ 3(.4) = 3.6Provider B: 6(.3) + 4(.1) + 8(.2)+ 1(.4) = 4.2Provider C: 10(.3) + 2(.1) + 2(.2)+ 2(.4) = 4.4Provider C have to be chosenbecause it has actually a higher score.

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