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Ans-1) The correct choice is (C) The individual the produces 3% more viable seeds every year than other…View the complete answer

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Transcribed picture text: i beg your pardon of the following big sagebrush plants has highest fitness, based only on the information presented? A. The individual that have the right to survive through 10% much less water 보다 the rather in the population. B. The individual that produces 5% much more distasteful chemicals, make it much less likely come be assaulted by herbivores than others in the population. C. The individual the produces 3% an ext viable seeds each year than others in that population. D. The individual the is the many resistant to parasitic microorganisms in the population. E. Every one of these people are equally fit based upon the details presented. F. There is not sufficient information to determine this. Concern 2 1 points save Answer How have the right to evolutionary fitness it is in estimated? A. Determine which individuals are strongest. B. Count the number of healthy, abundant offspring developed C. Document how long people survive. D.Determine which phenotype is the most common. Inquiry 3 1 points save Answer What is an evolution adaptation? A.A trait that changes in solution to ecological influences in ~ the individual's life time B. A trait that an individual requirements to have so that it have the right to survive C.A characteristics that enhances the fitness of its bearer, contrasted with people without the trait D. The ability of an individual to readjust to its setting Which the the adhering to modes of an option leads to a reduction in phenotypic variation in a population but no change in the mean? A. Balancing an option B. Stabilizing selection C. Directional an option D. Positive selection QUESTION 5 1 points conserve Answer The adhering to graph shows the distribution of person birth load (light blue bars) and also percent mortality price (dark blue line). What type of an option is acting on human birth weight? (b) because that example, very little and very large babies are the most most likely to die, leaving a narrower circulation of birthweights. 20 100 70 Mortality 50 30 15 20 really high mortality 10 10 7 ~ above extremes 8 9 6 2 3 5 10 11 Birth weight (pounds) e2017 Parce Cdces ns A. Directional selection. B. Stabilizing selection. C. Disruptive selection. D. Differential mutation percentage of newborn populace 은N532 portion of mortality Which type of selection acts to maintain two or an ext alleles in a population? A. Directional choice balancing choice .purifying an option D stabilizing an option 1 points question 7 save Answer little marine iguanas that live in the Galápagos Islands deserve to sprint faster than big iguanas. Currently, the only predators of maritime iguanas are hawks, which are able to catch iguanas regardless of your size. If brand-new predators (for example, cats) that preferentially catch and also eat slower iguanas are presented to the island, iguana body size is likely to factors; the iguanas would certainly then it is in under A. Increase; disruptive in the lack of other an option B. Decrease; disruptive C. Increase; directional D. Decrease; directional E. Continue to be the same; stabilizing question 8 1 points conserve Answer i m sorry of the following evolutionary mechanisms always results in populaces that are better adapted to your environments? A. Mutation B. Natural choice C. Hereditary drift D. Gene flow E. Every one of these select all correct answers. Which evolution mechanisms require pre-existing genetic variation? A. Hereditary drift B. Gene circulation C. Natural choice D. Mutation question 10 1 points conserve Answer genetic drift is the readjust in allele frequencies native generation to generation and has the populaces largest impact in A. Nonrandom; small B. Random; little C. Adaptive; large D. Adaptive; tiny E. Random; big QUESTION 11 1 points conserve Answer A theoretical endangered types of wildflower has been lessened to a single small populace in hill meadow. A rare early on spring blizzard kills all yet 3 the the staying plants, one of which has actually a rarely mutation. This is an instance of: A. Genetic drift (bottleneck). B. Disruptive selection C.natural selection D. Stabilizing selection E. Gene flow. A large rainstorm causes flooding and wipes out 87% of a small population of beetles. The remaining individuals have much lower hereditary variation than the original population. Which of the following would define the lack of H-W equilibrium checked out after the flood? A. Genetic drift B. Natural an option C. Gene circulation D. Random mating question 13 1 points save Answer i beg your pardon of the complying with processes have the right to introduce a gene currently present in one species into a second, various species? A. Allude mutation B.Lateral gene move C. Chromosome-level mutation D. Genetic drift E. Gene circulation QUESTION 14 1 points conserve Answer Migration and also genetic drift are like natural choice in that they: A. Result in evolution of a population B may change the allele frequencies in a populace may change the genotype frequencies in a populace C D.All the the answer alternatives are correct. I points inquiry 14 conserve Answer Migration and genetic drift are like natural an option in the they: A. Result in advancement of a population. B.may alter the allele frequencies in a population. C.may change the genotype frequencies in a population. D. Every one of the answer alternatives are correct concern 15 1 points save Answer What hatchet correctly defines a change in allele frequency because of random effects in a small population? A. Mutation B. An option C. Migration D. Non-random mating E. Genetic drift inquiry 16 1 points save Answer i beg your pardon of the complying with phenomena is not an evolution mechanism? A. Genetic drift B.Gene circulation C. Random mating D. Natural selection