The prize is letter C. The Zapotecs flourished previously than the Aztecs did, n the samelocality

 The Zapotec civilizationflourished after they had centralized Monte Alban and also San Jose Mogote, becauseof this they to be able come widen their territory. They were able to enhance whattheir predecessors have created.

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Zapotec and Aztec language have similar written and talked characteristics and also this is the statement that provides proof that Zapotec society influenced Aztec culture. The exactly option among all the choices that are provided in the question is the last option or alternative "D". 

sir cutting board more, venerated in the catholic church together saint cutting board more, to be an english lawyer, society philosopher, author, statesman, and detailed renaissance humanist. He was additionally a councillor to henry viii, and also lord high chancellor of england native october 1529 to 16 might 1532.

i discarded the supernatant and also kept the pellet in this part of the experiment since you need to return every unused chemicals into their initial containers at the finish of every labratory.




The princes that europe believed that they were no much longer obligated to remain under the government of the church. The idea of another christian church, one exterior of the pope"s authority, had actually financial appeal as well. Many european leaders started to take church property and also place that under the authority of the state. Based on the text, why did another christian church appeal to europe princes? the would allow them to make spiritual decisions. That would offer them authority over people. It would enable them to broaden their lands. It would allow them to influence the pope.
When caring for a client with liver disease, what one-of-a-kind precautions must the nurse implement regarded bowel elimination?
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Select the correct text in the passage. I beg your pardon sentence ideal explains Lincoln’s wartime decisions?adapted native Lincoln the Greatby Wilfred W. McClay
Tell whether each of the following instances is mutualism commensalism or parasitism. Describe your reasoning use details around each organism and also use complete sentences. Be certain to n...
The table mirrors the eras of youngsters in the Eliason family.What is the selection of the collection of data in the table?Plz help
Use the Binomial organize to discover the worth of (1.96)^5 and also write youranswer correct to 2 decimal places. Display ALL essential STEPS.​...
Hernias are an ext common in men since when the testicals descend v the inguinial canal, the opened of the canal does no close completely. True False...
Stuart Manufacturing firm was began on January 1, year 1, as soon as it acquired $89,000 cash through issuing common stock. Stuart automatically purchased office furniture and manufacturin...
A bakery sold 36 vanilla cupcakes in a day, which to be 45% that the total variety of cupcakes sold that day. Just how many complete cupcakes did the bakery offer that day?...

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