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1. Death Or Revenge?2. The Garden that Eden.


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"Who to be I? who am I? What are you even saying?!" (I"m the loser the the game you didn"t know you were playing)



Tubbo giggled. The straps the popped the end of i do not have anything from their seats, fastened lock tightly to their wooden chairs. "What the hell?" Sapnap said. "WHAT"S THE big DEAL!?" Dream growled. "I thought this to be over." Purpled whimpered, fearful. "Hello everyone." A far-off voice said.

"Let"s play an additional game, this time I get to win." A gun was thrown come the table. "LIVES ~ above THE LINE!" The gun be crazy round and round. "WINNER bring away ALL!" the slowed down to...

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"READY OR NOT! LET"S BEGIN!" Tommy looked in ~ the human being that the gun slowed down to. They had sweat running under their face. "Well. I guess i should load up the chamber then!" Tommy exclaimed.

It truly was a funny night for the occupants of the Dream SMP to try Russian Roulette because that the an initial time. Don"t worry. Its just their alternative selves in another universe the tried this!


Tommy"s gone v a lot. He yes, really really wanted to take it a break. Therefore why not just terrorize your other alternating universe selves or torture them? join Tommy and also his roadway to insanity because he really requirements to go the afterlife and rest. After ~ all, he IS permitted to kill people.

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In all his years of war and chaos, Tommy"s sensitivity the smell had lessened. The pungent stench that sulfur wrought through exploding gunpowder was a very common thing that Tommy smelled. The metallic odor of blood similar to copper had never failure to make his nose scrunch up in disgust. Even when the wars were done and the victors to be announced, the acrid odor of scorched wood from wood houses and also the sweetening smell of marzipan indigenous the use of dynamite still lingered. There to be a the majority of things the hated in war. The smells were among them. 

So imagine his surprise when he opened up his eyes and also smelled the welcoming odor of lavender and also petrichor. The scent of lavender reminded him of countless things. Times where he stayed in Technoblade"s cabin before he turned come side through L"manburg. The times whereby Technoblade hadn"t stared at him with such ferocity and anger. The times wherein his brother still had some oz of care for him. The times where Phil still called him a son. Just like Phil when he didn"t smell favor blood and also gunpowder. Spicy and sweet. His past memories prior to L"manburg wherein distorted. But he could remember one pass out one that stuck come him in the ago of his head. 

"PHIL!" Tommy exclaimed happily as he threw himself to Phil"s embrace. Phil let himself fall on the bed that flowers. Hundreds of petal introduced to the air, fallout’s slowly. The snuggled very closely in Phil"s chest, hiding his purged face and also puffy nose; Tommy wouldn"t allow Phil understand he cried himself to sleep last night as soon as Phil left wordlessly. "You to let go me buddy?" Phil says as the laughs. " "m tired." Tommy replies. Tommy"s arms approximately Phil tightening as they put in the bed of flowers. The younger could feel his eyes drift to a close. "Phil?" Tommy asks, voice tired however it still hosted a sense of hopefulness. "Yeah?" The avian answers. The calloused fingers acquiring tangled in Tommy"s wild blonde hair. It invoked a sense of security. Of promise. Of assurance that Phil will always come earlier to him.

He never did.

"Don"t leave, okay? deserve to you promise me that?" Tommy says.

"Of course. You"re my son." Phil claims as the laughs in disbelief. Tone, dripping syrupy sweet through faux assurance and also a glace of abandonment and also neglect.

"You were never ever my son."

The comparison of the two tones virtually made Tommy laugh. The first one, a pretty lie that a future that never existed. Filled through soft melodies the lullabies that he imagine Phil would certainly sing to him. Phil, was standing in front that singing prayer after praise at him for achieving rewards and powerful titles similar to he did v Techno. The second one, the ugly truth of the future that he"s life in. Filled with high pitched screams the peopled the loved, slaughtered prefer a pig in a farm. Phil, stand in front of that bloodied and also tired; a knife dripping blood the the human Tommy would least suspect. If friend told him years before L"manburg began that his father would certainly disown him and also his brothers would hate him, he would have actually told you to fuck off.

He shifted his head once he heard a soft crackle. Orange and also red flames do a comfortable crackle in the fire place. He"s no in the prison. Where was he?

Jade walls, decorated with intricate paintings and beautiful tapestries. Tommy widened his eyes. He conveniently got up and also rested his head versus the headboard of the bed as he began hyperventilating. What the hell is happening-? five god, am i dead? Is this hell? A sudden influx that pain and also memories rushed come Tommy"s body. A headache developed in his head together Tommy groaned. 

A core memory is triggered.

Again. Dream"s fists collided through his confront for what seemed favor forever. Dream laughed together his orange jail uniform stained v Tommy"s crimson blood. "D-dream-" Tommy managed to croak out yet was interrupted by Dream"s manic laughter. Again, through the revival. Again, through the torture. Again, v the deaths Dream caused. That hated every solitary thing Dream did to him in the prison. He was laying ~ above the jail floor, Dream had threw the on the floor after gift revived. Dream"s finger tightened ~ above the neckband that his shirt. Tommy"s eye rolled earlier to look at the fiery red and also orange lava in the prison. The warm licked in ~ his face, making him sweat. How numerous times has he been revived again? He"s lost count. 

Suddenly, Dream lifted that up using his grip on his neckband. His body hanging weakly on Dream"s hold. Dream smiled. "Wait Dream. W-w-wait-" Tommy says. But Dream with a suddenly burst the strength, threw him against the lava. The unbearable heat instantly engulfed the younger boy. A scream ripped the end of Tommy"s throat. His skin to be burning indigenous the inside and outside. That felt like emotional blue fire. Every stretch the skin, every part of his organs and also every bone in his body was screaming in pain.


Some day, somewhere, someone will break you so badly. 

But regardless of the emotion of pain and also fire roaring in his body. Regardless of his fingers and also his bones decreased into ashes. The couldn"t help the laugh that graced his face. So this is just how Dream death him again huh? The scorching warm touch the lava the he as soon as longed to be in. He gained what that wanted. He remembered in exile how he offered to rigid in longing of fire and lava. There to be something the attracted him to lava. Perhaps, Tommy still desire the heat touch the his father the reminded that of lava. Perhaps, every he want was the sweet release of death. Every little thing the reason was, the felt warmth and comfort in fire and lava. He can feel relief and also displeasure washing v him once he felt the touch the cold air.

All the a sudden, that wasn"t in the lava anymore. He was in a black color void. Distantly, he might hear a soft crying in the background. He change his head come the left wherein he heard the crying. A acquainted figure sat in the black color void. Tommy couldn"t check out their challenge as Tommy was dealing with his back. The walked to the figure. There to be majestic black wings attached come the person"s back. Castle gripped their environment-friendly bucket hat tightly if crying.

"Phil?" Tommy asks. Apathetic, that"s exactly how Tommy felt when he observed Phil"s tear streaked face. Now conscious of who the mystery person is, Tommy peaked to check out what to be making Phil cry. He widened his eye at what that saw. It was Technoblade. His body to be bloodied and his eye no longer hosted no sign of life. Technoblade to be laying in the floor the the void. Tommy didn"t lash out. Tommy didn"t scream or cry. That didn"t also laugh.

How come Phil didn"t cry once Wilbur died? Tommy thought.

Apathetically, he raised the spicy scythe the he didn"t understand he had. 

And the next....

Tommy experienced red.

That you"ll end up being unbreakable.

As he carried down the scythe, he might feel delicious satisfied purr in ~ the earlier of his head together Phil arched his ago and screamed in pain. The toe of the scythe sinking into the bones and also flesh in Philza"s wing. The black feathers were currently disintegrating and fading right into ash. Leaving a grotesque and also featherless appendage. It appeared as despite the scythe was enchanted v a strange spell that made Phil"s feather burn. The watched in awe together the blue fire indigenous the toe that the scythe licked the black color feathers and slowly burned Phil"s wings. Phil screamed. Tommy leaned into Phil"s ear. "Does it depress you Philza?" Tommy asks. His voice person that is abnormal airy and also casual for someone who just maimed one avian"s wing permanently. "W-who is that?" Philza asks and shakily stand up. 

A diamond sword appeared in Philza"s hands. The larger man adjusted his standing place to a similar sword fighting stance through him clasping with each other his diamond sword. Tommy"s eye narrowed v an emotion he was familiar with in war. Fury. "To know... Just how lonely you yes, really are." Tommy"s voice echoed, sending shocks of fear in Phil"s skin. 

Then every little thing went black color again.

The door softly opened. The headache that Tommy had actually was do it hard to focus. His vision blurred but he plainly hear the words talked to him.

"Hey. I recognize I shouldn"t be intruding but I was worried." 

Tommy rubbed his eyes and grumbled. The laughed. For a second there, the young sounded choose Dream.

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Wait. His eyes narrowed. Wheat hair, tan skin, eco-friendly hoodie. A ceramic white mask was inserted on Dream"s hair. It to be tilted up.