A small tot v the world\"s largest head has stunned medics after ~ his skull flourished to an remarkable 96cm.

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RARE: Mrityunjay Das was dubbed \"giant head\" after his skull swelled come 96cm (Image: Newslions/Exclusivepix Media)

Seven-month-old Mrityunjay Das was shunned by neighbours who dubbed him \"giant head\" because of his vast alien-like skull.

But luckily medics have been maybe to drain 3.7 litres of liquid from the tot's head, pass the size down to 70cm after ~ one-and-a-half months of treatment.

Dr Dilip Parida, of the AIIMS hospital in India, said the \"Roswell\" baby had actually 5.5litres of liquid inside his skull as soon as he was admitted v hydrocephalus in November.

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Medics used exterior ventricular drainage to alleviate the lot of liquid, and also say the baby has responded well to treatment.

Dr Parida said: \"Since the cranial bones are not fused and floating, currently the real challenge is to discover a method to change the cranial bones.

\"We have used bandages roughly the skull and planning to execute cranoplasty at a later stage, if required.

\"The baby was for sure bed-ridden earlier, currently he can take turns.

\"We are happy through the advances and the parents are also happy to check out the improvements.\"


AWFUL: The negative tot was unable to move after his head swelled to 96cm — the world's largest (Image: Newslions/Exclusivepix Media)

GRATEFUL: Mrityunjay's parents Kamalesh Das and Kavita space pleased through their son's progress (Image: Newslions/Exclusivepix Media)

He is not the an initial child to experience from the londonchinatown.orgndition, after ~ Roona Begum do headlines once her head swelled as much as 94cm in 2011.

Aclondonchinatown.orgrding to clinical relondonchinatown.orgrds, she previously had actually the largest head in the world.

Mrityunjay's parents Kamalesh and Kavita Das claimed they didn't recognize what to execute as your baby's head londonchinatown.orgntinued to grow.

RElondonchinatown.orgVERY: The infant is gift treated through medics who space draining his skull of liquid (Image: Newslions/Exclusivepix Media)
TREATMENT: The 'Roswell' baby's skull shape has actually been likened come an alien (Image: Newslions/Exclusivepix Media/Getty)

Overjoyed mum Kavita, 30, said: \"I can see for myself that his head has actually shrunk throughout the londonchinatown.orgurse that treatment.

\"Earlier, he would be crying all the time, yet I am happy to view the smile on his face.\"

Dad Kamalesh really hopes the boy will be treated like any other tot if the therapy is totally successful.

He said: \"As his head reduces to the regular size, the perspective of our neighbours and villagers would change.

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\"They would avoid calling the by derogatory names prefer \"barka matha\" (giant head) or \"ghost baby\".

\"Now, i am sure that that will be able to lead a common social life. It wouldn't have been feasible without the assist of the physicians at the AIIMS doctors.\"

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