A statue of british businessman and also imperialist Cecil man Rhodes is pictured exterior Oriel university at the university of Oxford in Oxford, west of London on June 9, 2020 -

Despite calls because that a statue of the brothers imperialist Cecil Rhodes to be torn down, the college of Oxford, whereby the statue is located, said it would certainly not take it under on Thursday.

The brother university stated it would certainly not take it the statue under at this stage due to the cost and also complexity that the operation. To eliminate it.

Rhodes to be a 19th Century politician in southerly Africa who believed in the superiority the the white race. Campaigners say he to be racist and also represented colonialism.

The "Rhodes should fall" campaign to achieve the removal of the statue the adorns the facade of Oriel college in Oxford had obtained renewed vigor a year ago as part of the black color Lives issue movement.

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Thousands of world demonstrated in June 2020 shouting "Take the off!" and also “Decolonise!”, shortly after in the UK city of Bristol, the frosting of servant trader Edward Colston was knocked over and also thrown into the water.

In south Africa, a statue that Rhodes at the college of Cape town was taken down after protests in 2015.

A the supervisory board was collection up to decide on the fate the the frosting in Oxford and also the bulk of members sustained taking that down.

But UK education and learning secretary Gavin Williamson stated it to be a "sensible and also balanced decision" not to remove the statue together "we should learn from our previous rather than censoring history".

Cecil Rhodes was one of the leading figures in brothers imperialism in ~ the finish of the 19th Century, pushing the empire to seize regulate over substantial areas of southern Africa, an initial as a businessman and later as prime minister that Cape nest in what is now South Africa.

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Rhodes had actually two other swarms that were called after him – Northern and also Southern Rhodesia. They’re now the countries of Zimbabwe and also Zambia.

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