TypeReleasedRecordedRYM RatingRanked genres
ArtistThe Unicorns
24 October 2003
June-July 2003
3.68 / 5.00.5 from 5,950 ratings
#69 because that 2003, #3,844 overall

death, playful, anxious, paranormal, humorous, masculine vocals, quirky, melodic, eclectic, lo-fi, bittersweet, existential, psychedelic, raw, surreal, noisy, ide album

Maxime Pellisier clarinet7Randy Peters clarinet8, believe whistle10Joellen Housego fiddle10, clarinet8Deanna Fong voice12
Nodima Feb 29 2012 4.00 stars
who Will cut Our Hair as soon as We're Gone? (Produced through the Unicorns & note Lawson) 1|I Don't Wanna Die|2:03 42|Tuff Ghost|2:57 4.5 - 53|Ghost Mountain|3:10 3.75 - 44|Sea Ghost|3:42 45|Jellybones|2:43 4.5 - 5 In another life, i felt this would more than likely never leaving my side. And then I spent nearly half a decade completely unaware the existed. Youthful positive outlook is therefore charming.6|The Clap|1:26 3 - 3.5 This tune is virtually disturbingly memorable, maybe since it's so starkly different.7|Child Star|5:21 4.5 - 58|Let's get Known|1:57 3 - 3.59|I to be Born (A Unicorn)|2:45 510|Tuff Luff|4:19 4 - 4.2511|Inoculate the Innocuous|5:18 4 - 4.512|Les Os|3:32 4 - 4.2513|Ready come Die|1:41 4Overall: 54 - 54.25 4.16/5 83%: Great; recurring listens suggested; to buy ITThis album is a kind of early-2000s equivalent of David Bowie make Ziggy Stardust and then refusing to ever record an album ever again. Various other than the Dismemberment Plan, there's no band who's dissolving prior to I had a chance to suffer them as their greatest fans insist you have to - live, intoxicated and also infatuated - from my lifetime disappointments me more. The Unicorns are such a perfect monument to all the indie rock was in 2003 it's tough to imagine listening to it from a perspective the didn't live - or more importantly, prosper up - through that time. Together with many various other bands Pitchfork, Cokemachineglow and also many various other tastemakers seemingly made their name on informing us around this band first, and their lionizing that the plot made them feel so fucking vital to any high college freshman who felt an impulse to make their name through music knowledge. I'm pretty sure there are tens of thousands of twentysomethings sit cross-legged top top the wood floors that a rundown loft surrounding by handmade decorations, candles and unfinished paintings noodling roughly on a restored synthesizer native 1987 as such album and its era's affect on them. Countless of these human being probably can have do a distinction in the human being if only they hadn't bought right into the myth of being weird and also cool at the very same time.Damn you, Unicorns.(It's really difficult to say just how removed indigenous nostalgia any type of of these ratings are. Yet I'm not sure the prize is "very", yet it might be "reasonably".)
Clutnuckle Dec 16 2009 1.00 stars
much like the ninth grader at her high college who talked around how awesome Led Zeppelin's concert were, that sounds favor The Unicorns space reminiscing over something that they never personally experienced. Thus, the entirety album simply sounds plastic, fake, make-believe... Any adjective'll work. It's obviously trying come sound obnoxious and whimsical, but it really just does a an excellent job top top the former.

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yuitz Nov 03 2009 5.00 stars
i've never ever listened together a sort of music prefer this.and after this album,i didn't accomplish a music favor this.
Willowisp1684 Jul 27 2009 4.00 stars
This album do me walk out into the kitchen and also scarf multiple fistfuls that chocolate-covered raisins. Ns think I'm walking to it is in sick now and it's every the Unicorns' fault!
While numerous bands have tried to acquire Oasis status (Coldplay succeeded) and others got renowned just from sheer high quality (Broken society Scene), I’m convinced that The Unicorns will be the only band native this decade to be legend in the classic rock n’ roll feeling (you had actually to it is in there, etc.) your hilarious personalities, their relentless live mirrors (I can go on and on and also on around those. Just the finest EVER!), and curious principle album the makes fatality seem every warm and cuddly will certainly make castle a forever revered and loved cult tape for years to come. The Unicorns do music in mine favorite layout as they write merely genius summer popular music anthems and, in the tradition of Guided through Voices and Pavement, wonder just how they can fuck them up without losing the love of the song. Everything here feel cheap and also damaged, however every track explodes through so much heart and humor. The cartoon corridor chat in “I was Born” and “Child Star”, the worn synths, and also the continuous of having sex with ghosts are completely them and not to be found on any kind of other record in mine collection. If 70s albums don’t yes, really float mine boat, i am always jealous that the “you had to it is in there” variable of Brian Eno and The Clash. So because that those 2 years on tour, The Unicorns got known and made us feel distinct for being a part of it.
Sadly, it appears we'll never ever see an additional album from The Unicorns. How proper then, that they invested this one pondering mortality. It's a weird concoction. Acid choose The Flaming Lips, bathed in heat organ glow, taken under a dark jagged path full of skeletons and ghosts. The very first three tracks build to the colorful explosion that "Sea Ghost", grabbing your attention with its arresting pipeline solo (hornpipe? Pan pipes?). It is an album that tantalizing fragments between thrilling setpieces, through a very linear ebb and also flow. An indie-rock opera prefer William Blake would have actually penned, a trip to accept death. Uncertain starts pay off in a decisive powerhouse conclusion. 'I'm prepared to die'. *cough*
The CD player in my auto can to the right 8 discs. This album is the only one the hasn't to be removed, also temporarily, because it was inserted over ten year ago. It has actually served together a sort of backdrop for my high college graduation, university holidays, and also a quick stint life at residence in between jobs. The strength of this album is in the story-telling. Over there is enough concrete information in each track to acknowledge some basic narrative, however the funhouse-mirror lyricizing resists any kind of conclusive interpretation, making this one enjoyable advertisement infinitum. Rather of Virgil we have The Unicorns as our guide, leading us down one long, secret wooded course that is guarantee to it is in filled through magical creatures. Space they great or evil? probably both, or neither. What's crucial is that we identify the humor in the absurdity of it all.

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henryvines Apr 17 2021 4.50 stars
It's for this reason unbelievable sweet and pure. Instrumentals space rickety, full of cheap synths and also crappy lo-fi drum machines and yet it's the amateur presentation on optimal of beautiful written and phenomenally created indie-pop that makes this such a distinctive listen. That is impossible to listen without a enormous smile ~ above your face unless you're currently too liven singing her heart out.
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