I am using this new little poster as a visual reminder for my firsties during Group Time! I often discuss Whole Body Listening and ask them if they are using their whole body when they are listening and learning with me on our rug...now I can refer to this poster. And you can too...Happy New Year sw

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The Introductory Video from Hello Body Module is designed for young children (3-8yrs) and can be used in group or 1 to 1 settings to address multiple common core and social emotional learning standards.Based on a popular mindfulness practice, Hello Body strengthens somatic (body) awareness, provid
Here's a power point lesson on whole body listening. It goes through how to be a good listener with your eyes, ears, brain, feet, body, and heart.

Freebie for behavior support in the classroom or speech therapy room. Give me 5 for whole body listening and attention. A pragmatic language visual support for attention and listening! Check out our other pragmatic language activities!Not Bad Behavior 2 Pragmatic Language Inferencing and Expected
This poster is a great visual aid for your students when teaching them whole body listening. It will provide a reminder to your students after the lesson on how to be a good listener.CUSTOMERS, EARN TPT CREDITS TOWARDS FUTURE PURCHASES!Click to go to My purchases (you may need to login). Under e
Whole Body Listening mini poster (prints on 8"x10" standard printing sheet) featuring a character we affectionately call Listening Lucy. A perfect visual to support discussion about appropriate ways to focus and show that you are listening. This printable also includes a black and white version can
Whole Body Listening Posters. You will received 2 posters. Print & Laminate!If you like this product please be sure to follow us and kindly leave positive feedback to earn TPT credits toward future purchases. It is our sincere hope that you can find this resource useful. If you have any question
Have fun reviewing the different parts of whole body listening using this virtual Mr. Potato Head with move-able parts. Slide one includes the potato base and parts - eyes (watching), ears (listening), mouth (closed when listening), hat "brain" (thinking), arms/feet (calm) and heart (caring). I rec
This worksheet was created to introduce the concept of "whole body listening." Students identify the function that each body part has (e.g. we use our ears for listening, we use our heart for caring, we use our brain for thinking) and then apply their knowledge by demonstrating "whole body listening
Students often need a visual reminder of what it means to listen. This poster provides the four steps to listening.
Whole Body Listening Freebie!!!This is a simple whole body listening visual to utilize in the educational or private setting.5 color schemes available!
Give me 5/Whole Body Listening poster for classroom use. The poster is a reminder that students should: 1) have their eyes on the speaker 2) mouth quiet 3) ears listening 4) hands still 5) feet and legs still
Whole body listening activities are such an important part of teaching your classroom rules and classroom routines! This Whole Body Listening Craft Template makes teaching whole body listening fun and engaging. How To Use:I did the work for you - all you have to do is print out craft templates and g
This is an interactive and poster set for the very cute and entertaining Biscotti Kid video from Sesame Street. Cookie Monster learns to use whole body listening. Enjoy!
How many times do you find yourself asking your students to "listen with your whole body?" Ever wish for a visual to pull out to reinforce what you are (constantly) reminding them to use? Ever wish for clear and concise way of explaining how different body parts CAN and DO listen well? If so, thi
Get your kids excited about listening with these awesome worksheets.♥NEWSFLASH ----CLICK HERE FOR 2018-2019 KINDERGARTEN AND GRADE 1 YEARLY BUNDLEI am offering the following big bundles this year Kindergarten and year 1 literacy bundle for 2017CLICK HERE Kindergarten and year 1 maths bundle for 20
A powerpoint to practice whole body listening. The student/s is given a scenario and then they choose which part the student isn't listening with. (brain, heart, ears, mouth, feet etc.) Extra pictures to print out and have the student circle what the person isn't listening with included.
Reinforce whole body listening in your classroom with this awesome wheel.I am offering the following big bundles this year Kindergarten and year 1 literacy bundle CLICK HERE Kindergarten and year 1 maths bundle CLICK HERE Nursery rhyme bundle CLICK HERE Let's go Preschool and kindergarten literacy
This is a cute product one of my co-workers sent me, and I jazzed it up a bit, and added the Voices Silent box! I plan to use it with my students as reminders when sitting in class, walking in the hall, and anything else we do!

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