How to unhide song on Spotify? below is a step-by-step guide to unhide songs if you have actually hidden lock by failure from your android, iOS or desktop computer app easily.

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Spotify has come to be one that the leading music streaming apps approximately the globe and people love to hear, create and share music on this communication effectively. It likewise showcases views and also one discover can significant songs that talented artist in it. The application has countless songs and also the users love come stream through the comprehensive list. However, with many wonderful features, the app likewise has an alternative of hiding song from the playlist to stop others to uncover the song on her list. If you do not know how to unhide song on Spotify, here is whatever you need.

How to unhide song on Spotify?

Many people want come know exactly how they deserve to unhide the songs that hid accidentally, that not just helps in bringing ago the song they love however it likewise provides basic information to the user for further use. To unhide the song on Spotify or to undo, make sure “show unplayable tracks” is switched on and follow the procedures below-


Tap top top the Home switch then top top the settings button.UnderPlayback, switchShow unplayable songson.Now, go ago to the playlist and also tap on the "Hide" button again. Your track is no longer hidden

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Tap ~ above the Home switch then on the settings button.UnderPlayback, switchHide unplayable tracksoff.Now, go earlier to the playlist and tap top top the "Hide" button again. Your track is no much longer hidden

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Click top top the arrow facing downwards "/" thenSettings.UnderDisplay Options, switchShow unavailable song in playlistson.Now, go earlier to the playlist and tap on the "Hide" switch again. Your track is no much longer hidden.

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The songs that are hidden from the 'Made because that You playlists'like uncover Weekly or everyday Mix can not be reversed. The attribute is been asked through the neighborhood from a long time. However, Spotify has onlyprovided a window of a few seconds whereby one have the right to undo by pushing the button. But, a Reddit user revealed that one deserve to unhide songs in Playlist.

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He said "I uncovered a solution! through pre-made playlists/albums that you hear too, you'll have to discover them via the search role and native there, walk in and also view the songs. There you can likewise see what other random stuff is in the list and what songs room shown/hidden in the playlist."

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