The variety of children born in the Netherlands in 2004 totalled 194 thousand. The probability that kids are born ~ above weekdays has actually been increasing since 1950. Fewer and also fewer kids are born on Saturdays or Sundays.

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Weekend or mainly day

The portion of kids born on a Saturday or Sunday is much lower than the for weekdays. On Saturdays and Sundays the typical share is 12.1 percent. If deliveries were divided equally end the week, this would have actually been 14.3 percent.

Fewest births on Sundays

In the year 1950–1960 the variety of births was much more or less divided equally end the job of the week. ~ 1960 this slowly changed. In 1993 the number of deliveries during the weekend dipped to an average of 12.0 percent. Due to the fact that that time the re-superstructure remained an ext or less unchanged. The variety of births is lowest on Sundays (11.7 percent).

Live born children by work of the week, 1945–2005

More births in hospitals

The re-publishing of deliveries at home has fallen from almost 80 percent in 1950 to around 30 percent in 2002. Till the late seventies, the readjust in the number of births every day of the week can be attributed come the considerable increase in the number of hospital births. The later on dip is partly because of the increasing number of Caesarean sections. In many instances this operation have the right to be planned.

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Percentage of births at home, 1953–2002

Few births in clinics top top Sundays

Births in hospitals are separated into births in policlinicsand births in clinics. The births in clinics, about fifty percent of the total number of deliveries, take place substantially less regularly in the weekend and also least of every on Sundays. This is mainly when there space no acute complications during the pregnancy. Deliveries that have the right to be planned are generally scheduled on weekday. This have the right to be the case for induced or caesarean procedures. Deliveries whereby the mom remains in hospital because that at least 4 days space less frequently on Sundays (9.3 percent). Births outside clinics, i m sorry is the complete of births in policlinics and at home, additionally take place reasonably less often throughout the weekends, however the difference is much smaller than v births in clinics. It is unsure why these births likewise occur less regularly in weekends.

Births by days of the week and length of hospital stay, 2000–2004

Carel Harmsen and also Suzanne Loozen

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