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It go me! also after one bite , ns instantly get hiccups, the doesnt matter what type of bread, roll, bun....toasted, plain, whatever, it gives me hiccups every single time. It wake up to my mother too.I believed it was the yeast, however I have the right to eat other things that have actually yeast in them through no problem. Probably I"m simply weird :help:
Recognize the beauty, beauty in things, in creation, also when thats an overwhelming to do. Be loving, display compassion. Produce while we"re here.Enjoy this life, it is in in this life however not be of it.

I acquire them periodically with bread. And also only bread. No various other food. Not even a sandwich that has actually bread, and other foods too.
No. As fresh baked bread is just one of my favorite points that would certainly be hateful. The does spike mine blood sugar though, so probably it wouldn"t be together a bad thing after ~ all...Mary

Recognize the beauty, beauty in things, in creation, also when thats an overwhelming to do. Be loving, present compassion. Produce while we"re here.Enjoy this life, be in this life yet not it is in of it.

Sounds favor a swallowing problem, Shy. I don"t think your being weird has any kind of influence on the
Have you ever been confirm for a spasmodic &/or barret"s esophagus? my mother has actually this issue and has problem swallowing things. It started out v bread...
"You shall know the truth, and also the reality shall make you odd." ~ Flannery O"Connor
mom of Four, I"m sooooo sorry around your condition!!!! That"s so weird about getting the hiccups only once you eat bread! ns do get the hiccups, actually only one, once I take it the an initial sip the an ice cold soda. Perhaps because I don"t drink soda often, my body isn"t supplied to all the carbonation walking on in mine mouth?Ifi
I do get hickups but only from new baked bread once I am as well greedy come wait until it cools under after coming out of the oven.

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This is no a trouble for me however my husband does obtain hiccups as soon as he eats white bread. He has actually no trouble if it is toasted.
Yes. I additionally thought ns was the only one. There are a couple other medicine that perform it too yet I can"t mental them appropriate now. Suzyq, I have actually GERD and some swallowing issues but nothing as well bad.Anybody ever get painful burps? periodically it feels choose a large air balloon is stuck in mine throat. Talk about pain!
I feeling so much better knowing ns am no alone v this problem. That is constantly bread of any type of kind that renders me hiccup. This has actually gone on for years. Periodically I will hiccup for quite awhile and other times just a few hiccups. That is crazy and also can be embarrassing as soon as you are out in ~ a restaurant. No idea why???