It’s among the most irresistible urges known to mankind, something any kind of guy would carry out all work if it no a society taboo: scratching her balls. As a issue of fact, fifty percent of you men are more than likely fondling your family members jewels as you review this. 

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But if friend asked the average dude why he’s scratching his scrotum, you’d be hard-pressed come get an answer other 보다 “Feels good.” The inquiry remains: just how do friend tame a pair the itchy testicles? Is it as straightforward as switching laundry detergent? Or do you need an STD test?

In every likelihood, her itchy balls are led to by chafing, too much sweating, or manscaping mishaps. You can quickly avoid this with far better hygiene and grooming habits. But if your itchy balls persist, it can be the sign of one STD such as genital herpes, gonorrhea, or chlamydia. 

Let’s take it a look in ~ the most usual culprits for itchy balls and what you deserve to do besides compulsively scratch yourself.

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Poor Hygiene

It doesn’t take a genius to recognize that her genital area is a reproduction ground because that bacteria. A fail to scrub her scrotum frequently can reason a buildup the dead skin cells, oil, and also sweat, causing a buildup of bacteria and fungi. 

These microorganisms release waste chemicals that cause itchy balls and fungal infections prefer dermatophytes and candidiasis (yes, they’re as horrific together they sound). Negative hygiene is likewise a common reason of an itchy butthole.

Solutions: Wash your balls, dude. If itching doesn’t ease up, ask her doctor about antifungal creams.

Jock Itch

Also recognized as tinea cruris, jock itch is usually athlete’s foot on your nuts. It’s a scrotal skin infection resulted in by extreme sweating in the groin area. While generally harmless, jock itch isn’t right unless you want to spend your waking hours scratching your testicles.

Solutions: Shower instantly after workouts and use over-the-counter antifungal powders/creams. Carry out NOT use greasy scent or ointments—they induce swamp ass and also make jock itch even an ext miserable. Instead, hit moisture v a daily dose of DUDE Powder.


Runners beware: once your inner thighs rub up versus your nuts also much, the friction can cause an itchy rash. Left unchecked, chafing can reason blisters and also cracked scaly skin.

Solutions: Lather up through lotion or wear an athletic supporter.

Pubic Lice (AKA “Crabs”)

Pubic lice fester in the rough circuit hair surrounding your nether regions, whereby they feeding on your blood. This commonly happens once you hop in the sheets with someone else who has pubic lice. Common symptoms include a powdery substance in your underwear or small red or blue bite marks.

Solution: You’ll must talk to her doc, who deserve to confirm the crabs, and also write a prescription because that a distinct shampoo or lotion to death the lice.


If she an excessive sweater, you may construct this red rash that itches and also stings. Intertrigo is brought about by an overgrowth the bacteria in between the skin folds in moist environments. Exhibition A: your groin. 

Solution: Over-the-counter creams like Neosporin can take care of the bacteria.


This skin epidemic is led to by mites, tiny creatures concerned ticks the live in the soil. Scabies spread as soon as you have direct skin call with one infected person—people v scabies suffer intense itching, particularly at night.

Solution: There are several species of topical and also oral drugs that can kill mites and also their eggs, yet it’s as much as your physician to decision what’s best for you.

Contact Dermatitis

Laundry detergents and body washes often contain secret chemicals that cause allergic reactions or call dermatitis in ~ a few hours or days of exposure. The most typical symptoms of call dermatitis room dry, red, blistered skin in the affected area.

Solution: switch to hypoallergenic or natural body wash and laundry detergent.

Manscaping Issues

Thoughtlessly hacking away at her pubes is a recipe because that ingrown hairs and razor bumps, both of which reason intense itching that will make your life a living hell. 

Solutions: If you’re shaving her pubic hair, use heat water, many of cut cream, and also glide a spicy razor through the serial of her hair, not against it. 


For part guys, itching in the genital area might be the very first sign that a sexuallytransfer epidemic such as human papillomavirus (HPV), genital warts, genital herpes, gonorrhea, or chlamydia. 

Solution: very first of all, invest in a load of condoms—better come fork increase a few bucks because that rubbers rather of God-knows-how-much for STD treatments. If girlfriend think yes a possibility you have actually an STD, call your physician or visit a testing clinic.

Is It agree to scrape Your Nuts in Public?

When it pertains to the problem of windy nut-scratching, the web is divided. Pro-scratch constituents complete that one itch is an itch, and neither men nor women must suffer since of the stigma. 

On the various other hand, anti-scratchers allude out the lack of hygiene that goes with touching one’s genitals, also in a non-sexual way. Hygiene aside, most human being don’t desire to live in a world where human being walk around with their hands down their pants.

Both camps make solid arguments, for this reason we landed on a bipartisan verdict: If you must scratch, maneuver, or un-stick your balls in public, the hand need to remain over the pants, and the act have to be quick and discrete (two secs or less).

Case closed. Itch gone.

The vital to staying clear of Itchy Balls In the first Place

There are several reasons for itchy balls, varying from benign inconveniences come legit medical problems that call for a doctor’s visit. That said, there are three precautionary measures every dude should take to keep his balls breezy:

Fight chafing and also excessive moisture through a everyday dose of human body powder.

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 Your plums will thank you later.